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Round 3 - Egg Collection completed now

Hi. Been on here for a while but haven't posted for ages. We are now going through our 3rd round of ICSI. Feeling quite deflated after egg collection. Had 8 follicles at the scan but apparently they only collected 4 eggs. I know that you only need one :) but after they collected 7 both times before it left me feeling disappointed. Anyway, I wondered if anyone knows why you get "empty" follicles? Does it mean I might be nearing the end of my reproductive capacity? Sorry if that is a dumb question.

So far everything went OK - responded well to the drugs and felt OK most of the time (a bit rough until I started injections).

Can't shake the feeling that we're clutching at straws though and I know you should try to remain positive but I am finding it hard this time around. Trying to remind myself that I did get a BFP last cycle (unfortunately ended in a miscarriage) so there is still a good chance we'll get there again.

Does anyone else find it really hard dealing with the nurses you saw last cycle who dealt with you when you had a miscarriage? I know it is great to see the same faces for continuity - I just found it hard seeing one particular nurse who told me at my 7 week scan that there was no heartbeat.

Anyway, fingers crossed they get some good embryos from my eggs. I hope you are all doing well and wish you lots of baby dust X

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The answer you'll get from the medical team is they don't know why our bodies respond differently. I had 13 eggs, 12 suitable for ICSI, on round 1 and only 2 on round 2, they had expected to get 5 or 6 and I was gutted. They reckon on 70% of...

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Just to say they only got ONE egg from me out of 4 follicles (during initial scans it was more like 12 follicles)! I was devastated. However did get my bfp!! Although undergoing threatened miscarriage just now and suspect it's all over (will know...


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