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Time off work whilst having IVF?

Hey ladies, so I'm coming up to start my IVF treatment in Novemebr (i know I've got a while to wait yet) I'm just wondering for you lot that did IVF how long did you take time off work whilst doing treatment? Especially for after you had your transfer. Starting a knew job in the next couple of weeks just waiting for my dbs check to come back.

Thanks in advance xx 😘

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Hi, I'm sure it varies for each person depending on the type of job they do and the stress involved. I'm the assistant head at an SEN school which can be quite stressful but also emotionally draining. I worked through the treatment but have then taken the full 2 weeks off after transfer. I have had 3 cycles and did this for them all, Unfortunately all 3 resulted in a negative so I can't advise whether it's best to be off work or not to be honest. You need to go with what you think is best for your body.

Good luck with your cycle. Xx


I took week off before egg collection to chill. Then my egg collection and transfer were all the following week and I am off also while on 2ww. I was so stressed at work and to be honest for me work was not a distraction but raised my anxiety so I wanted to be as relaxed and focussed on ivf as possible so I had no regrets and could not blame myself in any way. Everyone will be different and you have to do what is best for you however you will likely require some flexibility at work as you maybe at appointments lots and with no warning. Good luck xx


I think it's down to how stressful your job is. You need a day off for egg collection and you ll have quite a few appointments during this time. They recommended you rest for at least 48 hours after your transfer. I know a lot of people take 2 weeks off. Just got to go with your instincts. You need to avoid stress or heavy lifting during the 2ww so if your job involves that take the full 2 weeks xx

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I think it depends on your job and how you take to treatment.

For me personally I worked through injections and I found this OK. I have a heavy job (work in a care home) but explained to my manager and I was put on lighter duties through injections.

Today was my l egg collection and I have taken 3 weeks off from now. So this week off plus then the two weeks off over the week wait. Personally for me I don't want to have anything to blame things on or any what ifs. So I decided taking time off would be best and give myself plenty of time to rest and hopefully give myself the best chance.

Good luck with your treatment xxx



I've been medicated four times now with 2 egg collections. The week before egg collection between injecting at set hours and feeling like a bloated cow I'd definitely take time. Definitely take time after egg collection.

The 2ww depends on your job. You don't want to do anything strenuous.

Wishing you all the luck in the world whatever you decide.💕💕💕💕💕💕💕


Hey Kimross1

I took the day off ec off and then the day after. Back to work after that, felt absolutely fine. I just tied to take it easy during the 2 weeks.

Wishing you all the best of luck for your treatment xx


It does depend on what your job is. Mine is office based and I took the day off for egg collection and then the day of transfer, but my transfer was on a Friday so Also had the benefit of the weekend and I probably would have had three days off it had been during the week. The advice is to carry on as normal, with natural conception you wouldn't even know you were pregnant at that stage. But I think really you have to just do what you'll be happy with. Good luck :)


When I had my transfer I was back at my desk working 20 minutes later!

I didn't take any extra time after egg collection either, but that was a Saturday, so I had the Sunday off as normal and went back to work on the Monday.

For me I found it better to keep my mind occupied and carry on as normal. But as everyone else has said, if I had a strenuous job I wouldn't have done that. Just do what you're comfortable with.


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