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Starting my journey

Hi ladies 

It's so comforting knowing there are others who understand what it feels like to go through this. I'm having my tubes removed shortly due to having two hydrosalpinx on either side of my tubes. I'm not going to lie I'm nervous and scared at the thought that I'm going to literally never going be able to conceive again naturally but then again it won't happen even with my tubes left in (this is my positively spin on my op lol). Won't start any treatment till about 6-8 weeks after so would be useful to hear about what to expect etc 

Good luck to everyone on this journey xxx

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Hello :) I had this op done the beginning of March, and too be honest it was mo where near as bad as I thought it would be and the only real pain I had was from the actual stitches more than my actual internal wounds. Your delicate for a few days but by 2 weeks I felt normal. I also started reflexology that second week which I think has really helped speed up my internal healing. I thought emotionally i'd feel really low after it with knowing I could never have children naturally, however i've never felt better 😄 The op confirmed both tubes were damaged and that I also had a large cyst growing off one tube caused by one of my ectopics, so now I know they had to go, and if I had got pregnant again then the chances for a third ectopic were high. So now this week i'm about to collect my meds for my first round of ivf!! So please don't worry, like you say unfortunately the tubes aren't working now, and just need to be removed to increase your chances of ivf. Good luck x


Thank you for your reply xx I had some keyhole done to try do this last October but surgeon couldn't carry on as my endo was too severe. I'm really hoping everything goes to plan and they don't end up doing a full cut on me. Be good to hear how you get on with your meds xx 

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I was worried about having a full cut too, but somehow they managed to squeeze a cyst over 3cm out of one of the small cuts! They can work wonders and i'm sure you'll be ok. If you need to personal message me at any point then please do. Have a look into the fertility reflexology as well, its really helped with keeping me calm! xx

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Thank you so muc

h xxx


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