This is my first post on here, I usually go on the endometriosis community but thought I'd try here for some support as I'm feeling a bit scared and alone.

Up until yesterday I had one of my best friends to talk to about this journey. But I am so happy to say that her second IVF attempt worked.

As said before I have endometriosis which has caused the following:

Kissing ovaries

A large cyst on each ovary (which have now been drained)

Blocked and swollen tubes

Low ovarian reserve

I'm having my first egg collection done tomorrow. The plan is to freeze them and then go through the whole process again before having my Fallopian tubes clipped or removed and then go for transfer. I'm just so worried! This will be my fourth attempt- I found out that my first 3 NHS goes were never going to work as they weren't putting them back in the right place!

Any advice or support will be greatly appreciated. Apart from my friend no one else truly understands what I am going through and I don't want to bum her out at should an exciting time



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  • Hi Bob. You certainly have been through so much, what with suffering with endometriosis and to have gone through 3 IVF cycles. I think that you have probably made the right decision to get your tubes sorted before going ahead with embryo transfer, as many consultants now believe that excess fluid from blocked tubes can sometimes be responsible for embryos not implanting. I do hope that your egg collection goes well tomorrow, and that you get some good mature ones. It was nice to hear that you are pleased for your best friend becoming pregnant, as this is often hard to bear when trying yourself. From what you say though, she will continue to support you, just as I’m sure you will her, throughout her pregnancy. Going through treatment can be a lonely place to be, as often most couples tackle it just by themselves, but at least this time you will get added support from here. All the best for tomorrow! Diane

  • Hi, first of all good luck for today. I can understand you feeling scared & alone but you can keep chatting on here, it has helped me. You have been through a lot but at least things are moving forward now. It is an emotional roller coaster & we all have our good & bad days.

    Good luck today, I hope it goes well. xx

  • Thank you for your replies. I'm just waiting to go down now, a bit nervous they won't be able to get anything but trying to stay positive xx

  • Good luck, not been through it yet ( waiting to start cycle 1) but it sounds like you have a great approach. I hope the egg collection went smoothly x

  • Good luck to you too hopes_dreams.

    I feel much better at this new clinic. Previously I've taken hours to stay away and have been sick but this time it's only affected me for 2 hours.

    Was a bit disappointed to find out they only managed to get 2 eggs due to access but clinging on to the positive that they could get anything. Just dreading that call tomorrow to find out if they fertilised.

    Fingers and toes crossed


  • Awake not away!

  • I too have severe stage 4 endo (plus partner with low sperm count) and we're going through our first stage of ivf. Its a daunting experience at the best of times but you cant worry about it as you could ultimately make yourself (more) ill. The good thing is youve got support on here from so many people who truely understand as theyre going/have gone through exactly what you are going through right now so you are not alone. Good luck with the ivf and the treatment of the endo, its a horrible disease but be strong, it will all come good for you, take care xx

  • Thank you glory_girl. Good luck with your treatment, have you been given the option of icsi? My friend got a positive result with that this week as she has pcos and her husband has a low sperm count, just a thought.

    Really hoping they fertilise as that gives us more chance that at least one will be able to be frozen. Then I've got to go through all of this again in June.


  • Just got the call! 1 fertilised. They will call me again to let me know how it's dividing. I'm so relieved.. I burst into tears on the phone.


  • Great news Hun! Hope it turns into a healthy and beautiful embryo :) Good luck rooting for you :) X

  • Thank you jess1981. Just hope it's more good news tomorrow.


  • On day 3 my top quality embryo got to 6 cells and was frozen. So relieved and happy. I'm going to contact the clinic today to speak to my consultant about my next round. Im starting to finally feel excited which isn't something I usually let myself feel


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