No ovulation this month :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

It's another month lost. I seems that since january this year I have one cycle and skip another, only having a cycle every two months ! Honestly I am loosing my hope of betting pregnant naturaly. My doctor has reffered me to go see a gynecologist at the hosp and see the menstrual disfuncion clinic. Has anyone had this tpe of appointments ??? Do you know if they run tests straight away and what tests ?? I am in this stage where I need to keep informed of everything, it makes me feel as if I am doing something to fix this problem!Β 

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  • My First report showed ovulation and Second report says no ovulation. There are drugs for regular ovulation like clomid.No need to worry if only no ovulation is only problem

  • Really? I didn't know that, as I mentioned before I am very new at this. So there is hope still :) thank you so much !Β 

  • This happened to me after I had a series of miscarriages. I was tested for all the usual bloods and my AMH came back low. My cycles were also shorter than they had been so I was referred for IVF as there was concern about my egg reserve and this worked for me. Has your AMH been tested?

  • They will test you for all the usual things just to be safe and I reckon if ovulation is the only problem they will give you clomid. Clomid will probably work for you if that's your only problem? But yeah they will do tests to make sure certain things first just so they can tick boxes. I never had a period unless I had a pill and they did all sorts of test on me even though they didn't expect to find anything. And they didn't lol. You have to have been trying for a minimum of 2 years before they let you have clomid though I think. Good luck my dear! Xx

  • I don't ovulate naturally, and every drug - clomid and tamoxifen they have prescribed me, made me ovulate. There is plenty they can do. When you are on the drugs, You may have a blood test on day 21 to make sure it's worked. I have one for my GP every month.X

  • Can the gp prescribe those drugs or does it have to be a fertility doctor ?

  • I believe it's usually a fertility doctor, so they can monitor you with scans and bloods etc. My GP referred me to have full investigations first before starting the drugs. But I have heard of some GP's that do prescribe. these drugs can be dangerous, so I would prefer to be monitored.

  • Also the reason I have my bloods done at my GP, is because the hospital I am being treated by is 1.5hrs away.

  • The problem I have is that my gp is saying, because i am overweight I won't qualify for nhs treatment that is ehy she is not referring me. But the doctor at the hospital today said that my gp can still refer me to a fertility clinic so they can start investigation shile I sork hard to loose the weight. So confused !Β 

  • Yeah I think they can still refer you. My husband had been told he needs to lose 1.5 stone for IVF, we are 4 months away from that so he's working on it. Your BMI needs to below 30, but I still think they probably will do the investigations. I would push for it.x

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