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Injecting Gonal-f for first time ladies - easier than I thought!

I just wanted to say for all those ladies who are on their first attempt and are worried about injecting themselves.....

I wasn't sure I would be able to do it and prepped my partner just in case. We watched the video, I worried about it all day yesterday and right royally wound myself up and when it came to doing it last night my partner was fast asleep! I thought, oh bugger, I'm going to have to do it myself. 

My hands were sweating and shaking but I did it and guess what, it was so much easier than I thought it would be! i can't even say I felt the needle going in or coming out, it was like a hot knife through butter!!!! Felt so proud of myself!! 

So I just wanted to share my experience for anyone who is worried about upcoming injections, it really is soooo much easier than you might think now xxxx 

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Hi Sharlywarly,

This is soooo good to here, it is the one part of the process that terrifies me at the moment.

Good luck with your cycle 😊


Hi Suzannah 

It did me too! Having done the 2nd one last night closer to my belly button I think I've worked out it's best to do it slightly further out - a couple of inches from the belly button - where you can pinch some fat! 

Best of luck to you too - do you know when you are starting the injections yet? x


We are still waiting to sign out referral paperwork, we have had a few problems with being sent to a clinic that our CCG doesn't fund so there has been a lot of waiting!

Hopefully we will be on our way soon, although I am dreading the injections!

Glad they are going ok for you and fingers crossed you have a successful outcome xx


Thanks Susannah

Oh dear, sounds like a bit of a palava! Hope your wait isn't too long. We had to go private which has the upside of everything working as it should however the downside is that if (when!) we are successful it will be a very expensive child even before they come into the world! 

Best of luck to you xx


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