Cycle day 23 and no ovulation :(

I have very irregular cycles but this cycle my hopes were so high, only to find out that I am on cycle day 23 and have not ovulated yet. There was an increase on my estrogen Leves, so does the clear blue ovulation test says, but it is not detecting a peak fertility😩 It as been saying I am on high fertility for 7days now and no peak. Do any of you ever ovulate that late ? My cycles are normaly very long but I think the latest I have ovulated, on the cycles that I ovulate, was on cycle day 21. Any advice ? Any nice words to make me feel better? 


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  • My advice is to get blood tests done to check if you are ovulating or not. My cycles became irregular last year and I noticed I wasn't ovulating every month - I was using the ovulation kits as well. I got the blood tests done and My amh levels were low and I went for IVF. If you've been trying for a while, it's time to get help. General guidelines are 6 months trying if you're over 35 and a year trying if you're under 35.

  • Thank you for your advice. I have do e one of thise bloods in january but they came back normal, as if I had ovulated. I guess january was a good month. I am so frustrated with this now :( I am 27 and trying for nearly 3 years it is exausting. 


  • Hi AnaRita. Reading through this, I wondered whether you have been referred for any investigations regarding your ovulation.  maybe it's time to seek some treatment??  Good luck! Diane

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