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Laparoscopy and unexplained infertility

Just had our second gyane appointment and thought I'd write my first post on here as I'd love some advice. After looking at my results from the blood tests, HSG and ultrasound, the consultant said that all is looking fine and explained we have unexplained infertility. Relieved that they can't find anything wrong so far, but now confused about the next steps. The consultant has suggested that I go for a laparoscopy because I have some stomach cramps around ovulation. But as this is an invasive procedure which may not show anything I'm not sure whether to go for it or not. Has anyone out there with unexplained fertility had a laparoscopy? Did you find it worthwhile? Is it a necessary investigation before moving onto the next steps (e.g. IVF)? 

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Your situation sounds very similar to mine, had the tests multiple times and can't seem to figure out what isn't right! I wasn't offered laparoscopy I had a second hysteroscopy (they thought I may have a polyp but I didn't) and I had a uterine scratch instead. My next step is Clomid and I'm booking for reflexology before I consider anything else invasive. 

Sorry I didn't directly answer your question but my friend had the procedure you have been offered as she has endometriosis and it worked for her. I think the problem is you don't quite know why you are going to have it so it's hard to decide whether to go ahead or not. Can you speak to your consultant again for more information? If something isn't quite right inside Ivf is less likely/ unlikely to work anyway

Good luck


Hey! I had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to rule out anything untoward. It is surgery and under general anesthetic but as with anything even though minor surgery it carries risks. For me it was a 15 - 20 min exploratory op with 2 tiny incisions on my tummy and your consultant will be able to rule out conditions or advise the next steps depending what he/she finds. It's a definite way of knowing what's going on in there and chances of fertility treatment being more successful! I am glad I had it done as we knew where we stood and wanted the medical facts as I was convinced it was me, but turned out to be a hubby issue in the end. Good luck x 


I support Eve 16's comments in using the surgery to rule out things that can't be found otherwise. During the six years of my infertility treatment, I've had two laparoscopies plus several other operations. For me, they were less traumatic for me than the IVF treatment itself. The minor scaring I received has almost gone.


Your situation is similar to mine & i am glad I had a laparoscopy as they found a problem. I would not have found this out if I had not had it. I recovered quickly from the op.  Worth going ahead 


Hi, have a read at my blog rainbowbabyhopes.wordpress.... I am not sure what the issue could be but all my tests came back clear and they were going diagnosed me as unexplained recurrent miscarriages until I did my own research. Not sure if it will help your case. But give it a read just incase. Wish you lots of luck.


Hi, I'm in the same position. And decided to have the procedure.

The drs can only see so much through ultra sound, and i agree its best to have this procedure if you are thinking about IVF to maximise your chances.

They will test the route from your ovaries to womb is clear, as you might have blocked tubes. If it's blocked it can be cleared, which means if you are ovulating then you might even conceive naturally the month after (happened to my friend!) It's like a pit stop for your reproductive organs!

They can also, as others have said, do a proper check to see if everything else is OK.

It depends how long you've been trying for but after 3 years I'm quite excited to have my operation (in June!) as at least someone is actually doing something to help! It only took 11 weeks for the date to be fixed through the NHS.

I hope this helps & good luck if you do go for the operation.

Nikki x


Thanks all for your really helpful advice! And sorry for the delay in responding - it all got a bit too much so I took some time out! Off for my lap in a couple of weeks so we'll see what happens. Just got to keep on going through this long and slow process...


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