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Unexplained infertility


So I had my Hycosy today which shows my tubes are all okay and leaves us now with a diagnosis of unexplained infertility.

It's obviously great that nothing is wrong and I'm grateful to be in good health but it also doesn't give us an answer and I'm also in a position now where I really don't know when to start thinking about fertility treatments. Where I live there is no NHS funding so this makes the decision harder still. I have been looking at IUI as something to try first perhaps which is much less expensive that IVF but as there is not a known problem causing our infertility it's hard to judge when to make the decision to go for it.

Has anyone got any experiences of unexplained infertility and when you have decided t go for treatment and which treatments?

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We were diagnosed as unexplained infertility after all the tests we were prescribed six months worth of clomid with no success, IVF was the next step for us. Fortunately we were entitled to one NHS funded round which we have just completed with a BFP I’m only 5 weeks and 5 days and know it’s still early days but it’s the closest we’ve ever been to being pregnant and just remaining hopeful that everything will work out. Good luck with whatever treatment plan you decide x

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We get one funded cycle so it's good to see that it can work. Hope the rest of your pregancy progresses well x

ZigZag90 in reply to Shanks_21

Unfortunately they won't offer me clomid as I am ovulating regularly and they don't think it would be of any benefit. Thank you for sharing your experience. I feel that IVF is obviously the most direct way of going but with the expense just thinking another option may be worth a try.

Congratulations and all the best to you!! Xx

Shanks_21 in reply to ZigZag90

Good luck with whatever you decide xxxx


We're also unexplained and were given 3 IUI cycles, which failed, and we have 1 IVF cycle which we'll start soon. IUI can work so it might be worth a shot as it is cheaper. I understand your frustrations with our 'diagnosis'. Whilst I'm thankful there appears to be nothing seriously wrong with either of us, at the same time it's like hitting your head against the brick wall because there's nothing to 'fix'. I find it more frustrating especially as friends of mine have fallen pregnant with endo and pcos. Good luck with whatever you decide.

ZigZag90 in reply to Hidden

Good luck with your IVF. yeah it just adds to the why me questions, really frustrating.

Thanks for your reply. All the best to you too. Xx

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Thank you xx

Hi ZigZag90

My DH and I were diagnosed with unexplained infertility...mind you, it took a private IVF clinic 24 hours to figure it out after 5 years of being fobbed off by the NHS as we both in our late 30's at the time. VERY FRUSTRATING and emotionally exhausting. The private clinic told us that I have an intramural fibroid and my DH has low sperm motility hence why we were not conceiving naturally.....we were advised to start IVF straight away because we are now in our 40's. We were offered the 3 cycle package which we took. First EC gave us 7 eggs but only 2 made it to freezing stage due to maternal age resulting in poor egg quality. Once AF completed, we are looking at starting the 2nd EC stage. I have to have the fibroid removed to give us the best chance of carrying a foetus to term but with frozen embryos, there are now no time constraints. Hope that this has helped.

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Sorry your journey has been so frustrating. Best of luck for the next stage, fingers crossed for you xx

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Hi zigzag90, I have been in the same position as you. Unexplained and will not prescribe clomid or offer any other help. NHS ivf has been reduced from 3 rounds to 1 where we live and we have to wait 3 yrs. I’m not sure it will still be available then so my DH and I have decided to go private. We’ve signed up for mild fertility which is due to start at the back end of this week. It’s much cheaper than normal IVF so we thought we’d give it a shot. Good luck with everything!

Sorry that should say mild ivf!

Thanks for your reply. It's useful to hear what different people have experienced.

All the luck in the world with your IVF!!!

Thank you! 😊

hi zigzag, ttc 3 years & diagnosed with unexplained 2 years ago. i've had 2 failed rounds of funded IVF this year.

for me, "unexplained" prompted more questions than answers. i still feel in total limbo & foolishly hope every month will be our month, even after all this time.

clomid & IUI were never discussed, so i can't comment on them.

i think everyone's journey is so personal, it's impossible to say what's best, but i wish all the best of luck on your journey ✨✨✨

ZigZag90 in reply to -noodles-

I absolutely know what you mean about more questions than answers.

Sorry to hear about your failed rounds. All the best for the rest of your journey.

There’s some research somewhere that basically says if you’re under 35 it’s worth trying iui but if you’re over 35 you have more chance of a live birth if you go straight to ivf. Can’t remember where I read this but it might have been the nhs or hfea websites x

Useful to know. Thank you :)


We also had the same diagnosis three years ago and it is very frustrating not having something quantifiable that can be "fixed". But then you feel guilty about being frustrated because you are grateful that there is nothing wrong. I guess your decision on whether to go for treatment depends on your own situation and age. We were just at the point of being referred for treatment when the NHS withdrew funding in our area. We've decided that we don't want to leave it to chance anymore because I'm forty in January and my husband is 49. We're exploring options abroad at the moment for IVF (unless a consultation suggests something else). I think the best thing to do is to talk it out and listen to your gut / heart. Whatever you decide, it has to be the best option for you and your life situation right now. Best of luck.

We had unexplained infertility and tried for 10 years. We had several rounds of iui, none worked. We finally decided to give ivf a go and it worked first time.

There are some places where ivf is a lot cheaper than others so maybe that's worth considering even if it means travelling a bit further in this country or even going abroad.

I wish it hadn't been unexplained really - it's so frustrating having doctors saying "you're young it'll happen, there's nothing wrong with either of you" when you know there must be cos that many years of not conceiving does not happen if everything is fine!

We had stimulated IUI which had a higher success rate than natural IUI. This meant I took injections and a trigger injection day before. It had a 15% chance of working and for us it did! I would recommend looking up clinics with the highest success rates of the procedure you want to try and have a consultation! Good luck! Xxx

it is very normal to face unexplained infertility. no need to

be worried about this. there are a lot of other options as

well. just get a good treatment once again. if you again

don't get a chance to conceive naturally. next step is IVF.

it is very safe. IVF is easier too.


I was declared as unfertile and this was unexplained infertility.

But I don’t know why but I was not offered IUI

I was suggested for IVF.

And had two cycles failed!

This is obviously a very expensive treatment.

It’s upon you how long you want to go with these treatments.

I stopped after two failed IVF because of my marriage loss.

But my friend luckily conceived in IVF second cycle.

I’ve also heard about moving to place where such full-scale treatments are offered. I am not confirmed about the fund

You must look for the better place with low-cost availability.

Good luck.

Hoping to hear good news soon. Keep us updated on your progress.

We would love to hear from you

Hey dear, I am glad to listen about the struggle you are doing. I mean you are not the one weeping at the side. But you are strong enough to deal with all the bad situations. So, you are thinking of IVF. IVF is a great option. It has much success rates. And it will be best for you. You must opt for it. I am also thinking of surrogacy as it is a long period of TTC. And after the last miscarriage, it is not easy for me to conceive again. Well, I need to gather a lot of information. I will be remembering you in my prayers. Stay happy always. And don't stop trying. Life is not the bed of roses. You will have to pass many ups and downs.

Wow! what a great journey. I am really motivated through this. I hope you are okay. Your words really took me out of depression. I am also facing infertility as I have an irregular heartbeat. This is not easy to cope. But I am trying my best to find out a better one. IVF can be a great help. But you didn't stop after your two failed IVF. This is purely amazing.

Hey dear, I hope you are all right. I really enjoyed reading your story. This is true motivation. I must say, you a strong lady. You proved to be a great opponent of life. Nothing made you stop. I am also TTC but there is no hope left after I lost my baby in a road accident. Well, life can be this much rude too. Looking forward to alternatives.

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