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Help - Failed IVF

Hi All,

Really need some advice, as feeling so low.

Basically I have stage 4 endometriosis and have had 3 major operations in 3 years and only 30 years old. I have undergone my first cycle of IVF and only had one fertilised egg, in addition to this my UMH markers were terribly low. The consultants were very positive though which was a good sign. Inplantation went well however but after a couple of week unfortunately I suffered a miscarriage and the pain and bleed associated with this was awful and I ended up taking a week off work. It may have been the case that the embryo wasn’t right which I understand can happen.

I am now back on the mini pill and due to start another round of IVF July / August time which I know we are very lucky to have. At the moment I am really not feeling great emotionally and trying to carry on as best I can, I feel as though my body is letting me down and every where I turn there are new born babies. I am also experiencing pain after eating which may suggest the endometriosis is once again present around my bowel and tummy. As you know trying to remain positive is not an easy task when you have this disease.

Ladies any friendly advice would really help as I feel so low.Thanks.xx

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Hiya smudge. I know it is hard and extremely painful but don't give up hope. My first round of Ivf failed and that was painful and I was traumatised after it. This round of Ivf has been a rollercoaster ride physically and emotionally. At least when you start your next round Ivf you will know exactly what to expect and should be a little more relaxed. If your consultant thinks your endometriosis is a problem then they will advise you of treating that first. Good luck hun.


Hi Paeroking,

I am sorry to hear your first round of IVF failed too and I hope the second round is successful. Like you say, at least we know what to expect this time around and can try to prepare ourselves as best we can for the physical and emotional impact it has. They have put me on the mini pill to slow down the endometriosis until July / August which is good, hopefully my next bleed will not be as painful. I am also having reflexology which is a great stress buster. Thank you for your kind words it really does help talking to other people.

Wishing you all the luck in the world sweetie. xxx


Thank you smudge, I hope it all works out for you. Good luck hun.


Hi Smudge. So sorry to hear that your first round of IVF resulted in an early miscarriage. Sadly, this is not uncommon as I’m sure we are all aware. Good though hat you are now taking the mini pill to quieten down your endometriosis. This can only be good, and hopefully will reflect on a better outcome next time round. I think that at the age of 30 too, it can be difficult. You are in a super age range to treat, but on the other hand, you probably have many friends and family pregnant at this time – which doesn’t help. There are always going to be pregnancies around, we can’t alter that, but maybe you have a close friend who can support you at this time? Do your best to keep busy and positive – not too long to wait before July. Kind regards Diane


Hi DianeArnold, thank you for your kind words and its true what you say keeping positive and busy is the key. All the best to you, Smudge.x


Hi smudge. My first cycle of icsi failed in March. It was a horrible feeling and my partner took it really hard. I knew it has failed. Us ladies know our bodies! I was later told from results of icsi that I struggle to make eggs. So only chance now if icsi again. It's really hard for me to see babies and all my friends have children including my sister. All I've wanted since I met my partner is to be a mum and now thanks to my body it's not going to happen. It's really really hard. Good luck with your second cycle. I hope it works for you. Fingers crossed for you.


Hi pumpkin1, I totally understand how you feel and I am surrounded by pregnant women at work :-(. Saying that we both must remain as positive as possible and keep our fingers and toes crossed that our second cycle works out for us both; at least we know what to expect this time around. I hope it works out for you and take care. xxx


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