Pregnancy test was inconclusive

Hi guys. So we had the blood test done today and it came back as a weak positive but the clinic are worried because the HCG levels are much lower than they should be so they want us to test again on Monday - gah! They are not hopeful that it will end well and I just feel in limbo! Has anyone else had this? Xx

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  • Hello 

    Yes, my level was a pathetic 11 so they told me it was not a promising result (over 50 is positive at our clinic).

    So if you bleed over next week they call it a biochemical pregnancy - hugely disappointing- but a good sign that your body started to help implantation. The embryos are so fragile and it seems so cruel to get so close only for it to end but! (And IF) that's the case you only know because everything's being tested... Most biochemical pregnancies happen before we have any idea. Have hope! Either way this is very close! 

    Try to breathe and be kind to yourself x

  • Thanks Hope. Yeah mine was 16 so not much better (my clinic is the same - 50 or over) so I guess the only way to tell is with another test. It's just such a headf*ck isn't it? You are pregnant but not enough! But yes, I agree - at least I didn't just reject it straightaway! Xx

  • I know I was angry too, then REALLLLLY expected our frozen cycle to work - which was worse 0 preg hormone. I'm really low about the whole thing just now. I started to bleed before the repeat blood test but they have to make sure the number is decreasing, I couldn't even look at the nurse she was so matter-of-fact I just wanted to scream. I'm sorry it sounds like it's not worked but the whole process is a lottery - my consultant told me that nature (although cruel) is quite smart and if there is a chromosomal abnormality it won't implant properly. 

    Advanced fertility has some good info on IVF. 

    I know this hurts like hell but keep talking about it. Lots of love xx

  • Thanks. It keeps me sane to know that other people can at least understand what I'm going through. I'm going to keep clinging to the positives - one of these days an embryo will stick! Xx

  • Yes, we have to have hope that one day ... Maybe ... Just maybe! I don't know if your clinic offer counselling I resisted it for so long but I found it helped. There are a few good books too like "The Pusuit of Motherhood" which I could really relate to. 

    I have sometimes wished IVF had never been invented only because it's put such a strain on my relationships with husband and friends who can apparently look at their husbands and oops! Pregnant again. I've found it quite isolating but seriously you are so not alone and every time you shed a tear rest assure another woman not too far away shares your grief! I hear you. But please do try again, I believe it's worth the effort to one day say you tried your best. I'm sending you the biggest hug xx

  • Yeah I feel lucky that we live in an era where we can actually access this kind of treatment and we do have some chance at having a family if nature isn't doing it for us. But man it's stressful! And I agree - the strain it puts on your marriage and the effect it has on your friendships is shit - I think most of my friends are terrified to tell me when they're pregnant and that makes me feel really isolated. Whatever happens on Monday, my husband and I are going on holiday next month and we're going to avoid all things fertility related for a bit! Xx

  • Yes! I know it's horrid my friend phoned this week to say she was pregnant and I really snapped at her like WHY did you need to phone me this week - but people can't get it right. I've definitely developed a phobia of pregnancy announcements. I also work as a social worker and constantly have a stream of mothers using a lot of drugs and alcohol repeatedly falling pregnant... Anyway holiday sounds awesome 😎🌸 Enjoy it, some champagne and the long lazy days you soon won't have when there's a baby!! 👌🏼 xx

  • Yep. I live on an army camp and it feels like having babies is a hobby round here! It's probably not hopeful to think like that though - I've just had to moderatemy lifestyle a bit - limited Facebook and hanging out with army wives! We'll get there eventuallyxxx

  • Ha ha I ditched Facebook months ago! 😫🌈

  • Test came back with hcg at 4 😫 But on the positive side, I have had a big glass of wine and am looking forward to a hot bath - ah! Xx

  • It's really shit I'm sorry. Just remember its nature and this could've happenedto you before and ended up as a period we just wouldn't have known. I was devastated when it happened- so close yet so far. Try to stay sane xx

  • Thank you lovely. It has certainly helped that someone actually understands how shit this is. Onto the next one! 😊 xx

  • Hi Sarah I had this. I was ellated to get a BFP after my first cycle, couldnt believe it but a few days later tested again and it was negative. Had my bloods taken and they were 12, went a few days later and it had dropped to 3, a week after that got my period.

    Its an emotional rollercoaster and a cruel process alright but you need to take the positives where you can xx

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