Low Dose Steroids In Pregnancy??


I am trying to conceive naturally after a 7 week miscarriage. However, I was told taking low dose steroid may be decrease/supress my thyroid antibodies which are associated with my miscarriages.

Those of you taking these, could you let me know pros and cons for mother and baby. What is your dose and how long are you taking it?

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  • Hey I think I mentioned before I was on 25mg per day weened off them at 13 weeks x 

    Good luck 

  • Ok. Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if you take it through to the end. 

  • Hell no babe they aren't safe to take long term x I had no side affects with them x 

  • Ok I'm all knew to this. My endo will explain it to me in 4 weeks....

    What happens to the NKC or antibodies when you stop taking them. Do they stay suppressed ?

  • I believe after a certain amount of time the little one is strong enough to fight them off or something along those lines x I also had intralipid infusions too which dampen the immune system aswell I had 3 in total I believe they can stay in yiur system for a few months. X 

  • Ok that's interesting , thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Orangepie.  Rest assured that the does you have are small and for not to long.  The only think I would say, is that when you come to the end of their use, wean off them, so that you have a dose every other day for a week, then a dose twice a week, then stop.  This way you prevent any withdrawal symptoms, such as aching joints.  Good luck with it all!  Diane

  • Thank oyu for the input

  • I'm at the final stages of IVF/ICSI and I'm also on a low dose of steroids! Who told you this? I've been told the opposite and that actually steriods can even stop your body rejecting the implanted embryo and increase your chances of pregnancy. I've even read about some women being put on steriods that have had multiple misscarages to reduce the chance of it happening again. So I wouldn't worry too much, my consultant even said to make sure I continue taking the dose throughout pregnancy! Hope that helps 😊 x

  • Oh wow see different people different experiences. Samrakkar above mentioned only until 13 weeks. I guess I will go with what my endo suggests. Thanks for the input.

  • It could be a different type of steroid the ones me and dianne are talking about are predisolone and not to be taken long term as can cause defects x

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