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Endo symptoms worsen after surgery

Hi there everyone. 

Just wondering if anyone has suffered more symptoms from endo after surgery then before. I had surgery in December where the gyno surgeon found I had stage 4 endo and frozen pelvis they also clipped my Fallopian tubes . Since then however I have noticed my symptoms have got worse and new symptoms have appeared. Last night I came on my period , I felt faint and sick and the pain was horrific that I had to call an ambulance (2nd time since surgery). I was taken to hospital and was given morphene and Gas & air.  After pain subsided I discharged myself as felt bad taking up a bed over a period. I have noticed I am also extremely exhausted and struggling to complete a full week at work, I have Itchy skin mostly on my hands, headaches/migraines, bouts of depression and feeling cold all day. 

Did anyone else suffer more after the surgery or would these symptoms subside? 

I'm a little worried as have my first IVF consult on May 3rd hope this won't interfere. 

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Hi lois86. So sorry to hear that you have been suffering so much since your surgery.  I assume you have had a follow up appointment since then??  You may need to discuss some further treatment??  I think the itchy skin just might be down to the morphine - it's well known to cause this, and although you may not be on it now, can take a little while to settle down.  Might be an idea too to check with your GP as to whether you need your blood count/iron levels done as you just may be a little anaemic.  Hope you soon feel well again.  Diane


Thank you taking the time to reply. 

No Iv tried to see my GP since Monday but no space until next week. I feel the pain has eased but still in discomfort on my left side around my laposcomy scars. I explained on the phone to my GP whom advised to take codeine, rest and wait until I have my consultation with IVF clinic. I felt he wasn't really listening to me as he prescribed me some tablets to stop my periods (surely I can't take those if I'm starting IVF) I know my body and at the moment it doesn't feel right, feels how it did after my surgery. Unable to bend down, walk ect. I'm back to work tomorrow after 3 days off see how it goes. 

Sorry for my depressing/moaning post but feel no-one understands unless you are going through it yourself 🙂


Hi.. No you are not moaning, you are sore! I wondered if you might have developed an adhesion as it is pulling so much?? Make sure you don't get constipated as any poo passing by the area  may aggravate it more. If you think you need the tablets to stop your periods, this won't hinder your IVF as the cycle is manipulated anyway. I do hope you start to feel better soon.Diiane


Thank you Diane. 

I have started taking laxatives today as I'm having trouble going to the bathroom and my left side is swollen. 

Do you know is it common to develop adhesions so soon after surgery or should I be more persistant with my doctor



Hi Lois86. If adhesions form, they do so as part of the healing process or following infection after surgery. We have several layers inside us, and they have to be stitched up in layers – if that makes sense. Sometimes one of the layers can heal onto the next layer, which can prevent the natural “sliding” of layers – or even healing on to an organ e.g. ovary. This is not due to surgical error. Should this happen, then it can be painful when “poo” passes along the intestine and brushes against an adhesion. Obviously I don’t know what is happening with you, but you could also mention whether the pain could be due to a cyst on your ovary?? Diane


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