Endo and down regulating

Hey everyone this is my first IVF cycle and also the first month after being diagnosed with endo. I am exactly a week into down regulating and I can feel my period coming on. Can anyone tell me if the pain is worse than normal? I'm freaking out after my experience last month which ended with me minus an appendix and diagnosed with endo.

I want to wish you all a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Wishing you all luck with your treatments :-) xxx

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  • Hey Hun if your down regulating then you will have a bleed. This will allow your lining to become thin. Don't be scared if your down regulating takes longer than two weeks aswell and mine took a month! I had a failed cycle at the beginning of this month. Wish you all the best xxx

  • Thank you for the reply and sorry to hear about your failed cycle :-(. I'm just worried about the pain I'm only just back at work I don't want to be doubled over here or have to take more time off. Hopefully if it's bad it waits until I'm off on holiday to kick in then I can just doss about x

  • Hopefully it won't hurt too much. Mine was like a break through bleed. I hate having endometriosis like I feel like it's ruined my life. I am always in pain. During this cycle they found out I had a 6cm cycst on my right ovary and I am always getting Sharpe pains there. Have a doc appointment on Friday to see what they can do just hope it's not another op, iv had two already :(

  • When I went in they said I had a ruptured cyst on my left ovary and they found endo which had stuck my left ovary to my bowel. I was just worried because it sheds when u get ur period and if it would do the same during down reg. 6cms is a big cyst surely they should take that out because if it ruptures u will be in agony? Or at least drain it so it's not that size. Fingers crossed they get it sorted for you x

  • Well my clinic didn't seem to bothered about it! But I thought I would make an appointment with my GP to see what's going on. Iv had two operations and my first was a big op where I was off work for 7 weeks. Just can't be dealing with this! My husband and I want to self fund ivf next year to. Just seems one problem after another :( x

  • Hopefully they can treat it without another operation then. Must be traumatic on your body going through so much never mind the emotional effect :-(. Surely there is something they can do to minimise any risk before you start your next cycle. Fingers crossed everything goes well for you. My lap showed I had endo but they didn't actually do anything about it just left it so I'm panicking about that having an affect on treatment but will just have to wait and see and keep everything crossed. xx

  • Period is here and I think I'm dying jesus it's sore :-( x

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