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Worried I have miscarried - UPDATE


Hi all, I am 8 weeks today and up until Tuesday I have had pregnancy symptoms (bad nausea, tiredness, boobs sore) and now they have completely gone. I’m so worried this means I’ve miscarried! And I’ve got a 5 week wait until my scan x

Just as I started not to worry as much on the weekend I had servere cramping that didn’t go away until last night!! Worried that I have defo miscarriaged now! The pain has gone this morning - should I pay for private scan? X

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Abi, don’t worry. I met a friend today, 24wks, and she’s had hardly any symptoms throughout (except that now she has a bump!). I’m 5wk2dp5det and I think my symptoms are mainly caused by the extra hormones I’m being given. However some days I feel more symptoms, others less. I’m going mad as well about this first BFP but I’ve decided that I have to believe it’s still there until the scan says otherwise or I bleed. You could always approach a local clinic to see if you can pay privately for a scan? Try not to read into anything. xx


Hi Hun, try not too panic. I thought the same a couple of weeks back and totally freaked out also, but apparently it can be normal for symptoms to come and go (which was never the case with my 2 babies) but fingers crossed all was well at my last scan. So it can be normal xx

I’m only 5 weeks with my 5th pregnancy I have no symptoms my last 2 were Miscarried I am really worried a lot more this time Im having a scan 8 weeks even tho we Miscarried my last at 13w baby lost at 9 weeks so still worried even if the scan is ok at 8w there’s still the worry til 12w. I hope your pregnancy goes well and your scan is perfect x

Hie, just to say was in the same boat last year symptoms would go for a couple of days, oh the sleepless nights I had.. turned out it’s common.. wish I embraced those days and at least ate lol.. on days like these talk to your little one and believe mummy.. 🥰

If your not experiencing bleeding you should be ok. With my first pregnancy (my little boy) around 8-10 weeks my symptoms tailed off and it’s normal. With my second that ended in mc - I had nothing at all throughout. No sore breasts, no nausea not anything. This too is completely normal. Unless you gave a cause to be concerned the likelihood is that you are completely fine.

If you are worried contact your early pregnancy unit at your local hospital. They are fantastic and can hopefully put your kind at ease.


Abi12344 in reply to AJJ123

Thank you! In the last half an hour I’ve started getting really painful cramps! Almost feels like trapped wind so now I’m even more worried! X

AJJ123 in reply to Abi12344

Trapped wind is a pregnancy symptom - but go and see the EPU and put your mind at rest xx

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I agree - trapped wind is a pregnancy symptom. I still get trapped wind at 12 weeks!

Unless you get severe cramps with intense bleeding it is not anything to worry about. I’ve had spotting throughout this pregnancy & it’s been okay ( had a scan at 10 weeks & baby is doing well ) also my symptoms come & go. This has had me worried in a number of occasions. Apparently it is normal to come & go your body gets used to the pregnancy hormone & you only get symptoms when your pregnancy hormone surges. If you are worried speak to your GP & they can refer you to the EPU for a early scan xoxo

Hey lovely I had a big drop in symptoms from 8 wks exactly. As I had had a bleed at 6 wks we went for a check up scan at 9wks. I was soooooo convinced that I had lost baby I packed up my ivf meds etc so I didn’t have to deal with them when we got home from scan. Much to my amazement baby was fine! Doctors said things can change in terms of symptoms after 8 weeks. Strangely within 6 hours of scan some symptoms came back but not as strong. I had a scan at 10.5 baby still ok and symptoms still less. Hope this gives you a bit of encouragement. Xx


Hi Abi. Symptoms come and go, so try not to worry. Have a chat with your midwife while you are waiting for your scan, to reassure you. Diane

As Diane has said, symptoms can come and go. If you don’t think you can wait 5 weeks until your next scan then perhaps you could consider booking a private scan around 10 weeks to breack it up a little and hopefully offer you some reassurance xx

My symptoms disappeared apart from the extreme tiredness. I paid for private scans to reassure me. Weren't that expensive compared to the amount of anxiety i was feeling.

You could try to Google for a scanning centre in your area

Please don’t worry. I posted something very similar when I was 7 weeks pregnant. My symptoms completely disappeared like yours and it wasn’t a bad sign, I am now nearly 30 weeks pregnant xxxx

Congratulations hun! Try not to worry as no symptoms can be normal for some women. My sister has had no symptoms at all, no sore boobs or nausea or anything and she was worried that there was something wrong. This week she had her 12 week scan and everything is perfect. Every pregnancy is different try to relax and enjoy yours ❤️Xx

Can you go to EPU ? Try not to worry. Preg Symptoms are unique to every one.

Hello, I wrote a post exactly like yours when I was 9 weeks pregnant, my symtoms just disappeared it was funny Cos when I was feeling awful off the symptoms, sickness, headaches ect I wanted them to go as soon as they stopped I panicked something was wrong and wanted them back 😂 I’m not going to say don’t worry Cos it’s only natural to do this and it doesn’t matter how many people reinsure you, you still worry haha but I’ll give you hope that I had exactly the same and I now have a nearly 4 month old little girl 💕 xx

If you tell you're doctor you're symptoms they can get you into the early pregnancy unit for a scan. Xx

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