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5 day blastocyst transfer


Hi im looking for some guidance.

I am 9d post transfer and had a little cramping to start off then just bloated/sore boobs from the medication. I am on the lovely pessaries but for the last couple of days ive been having sharp shooting pains that come and go in my left side/hip followed by nausea. This then passes but reoccurs.

Has anyone had anything similar as it can be signs of ectopic pregnancy from what i have read so a little worried.

Im due to test on 19th sept so dont even know if its a pregnancy yet.

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Hi I’m 9dp6dt and I’ve had cramping pains on and off since day one!! And I’m really bloated

I think I’m right but I don’t think there is a chance of an eptopic because of where they place the embryo!! Don’t quote me on that though xxx

Hope you get your bfp xxx

I hope that is the case ive been woken a couple of times this week with shooting pains in my side then did the worst thing possible and googled it! Its my first ivf cycle/transfer so all new to me.

I can live with the sore boobs, bloating etc it was just the sharp pains/nausea which are linked to ectopic pregnancies which freaked me out so was looking for anyone who had similar experiences. Thanks for your reply!

I'm sorry I haven't got any experience of it but didn't want to read and run. Hopefully your clinic can answer any questions about the pain you're having. Best of luck with your official test day x

Hi I had similar pains on my left side hip too. I was bloated and nauseous but didn't have sore boobs. I started with this about day 10 but only lasted 4 days and got bfp. I agree with Lisa in that as the embryo is placed in uterus I can't see how it would travel backwards to the tubes. Just try and stay positive and relaxed and rest as much as possible. Good luck x x

Hewston in reply to Divvylass

Thank you all that is reassurring, I wish u all the best on your journeys also :)

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