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The pill on short protocol

Hi me again, 

I will starting the short protocol this month but my question is, I am late for my period so I've heard they scan you on day 2 of bleed.  I'm due to go back in 2 weeks to start treatment but would they give me the pill if I still havnt got my period by then?  And if I get my period before then I'm guessing if have to wait another month to start treatment?

My periods are irratic due to pcos. 

Minds going into overdrive . X

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Hi Aimaim77. I think you will just have to try and be patient.  I'm sure your period will arrive, but having PCOS, as you know, it can be late.  Try not to worry, as they will get you started somehow, and maybe with the "pill".  Good luck!  Diane


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