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Short protocol advice

Hi everyone

My period was due yesterday but still not come!!! Due to start short protocol on 9th have to take microgygon pill up to 14th then 2 days break and inject merional 225ml on 17th for 7days (orgalutran from 22nd) then scan on 24th.

I will ring up clinic hoping period coming tomorrow (it is normally really regular so sods law!)

Does anyone know will i just take the pill for less days? So injecting dates will still be same

Thanks for any advice

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I'm on short protocol and had to take the pill for a full cycle so I got a period them the injections were started because I got a period. Not sure if that helps xxx

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Hi Rosy, I was on short protocol and they put me on pill from day 1 of period to when they were ready for me to start injections (with a couple of day break). My understanding was that they time the start of the injections to fit in with their expected timings for EC etc and the use of the pill is to override your system so they make you start your period when they are ready for it and day 1 of your period is then the day you start your injections. But the simple answer is in my experience injecting days are the same you would just take pill for fewer days. Did I read on one of your earlier posts you were at Seacroft? That's where I did mine too and I was on the same meds as you and they told me to phone up on day 1 of period and they would give me instructions from there. But if you're confused then I'd give them a ring - they were always really helpful with me. Good luck!


Thank you rang them today, i just take for less days, think i was just worrying last night. yes Seacroft, they seem really nice. Thanks again



I was told to take pill for two days but my period was late so I just started with injections instead. Did you ring ur clinic? I ring them when I'm not sure!

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Thanks, ive rang just have to take the pill for less days


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