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Hysteroscopy Done 😊

Hi girls, 

So had my hysteroscopy earlier and I forgot to take pain killer . Anyway it was bloody painful to say the least but all over now so have taken afternoon off wrk to relax.

I completely forgot to ask about the endometrial scratch test too ! 

The consultant said everything looks fine and nothing abnormal so she said I should make an app to see my IVF dr in ten days time - they will write to me and my IVF dr with result. 

So, whilst I was at the hospital we went to the IVF unit and made out app which is booked for the 27th April . So, hopefully it will be all systems go again and am hoping they will start me on short protocol this time instead of long. 

Feeling excited again now as only two weeks until I hopefully start treatment again 🙂🙂, I'm late for my period by about nearly 2 weeks . So, how does the short protocol work do I have to have a bleed or start ink on a certain day . X

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Great news we will Probs be cycle buddies as I will be due to start my second round about those dates. On short protocol I rang me clinic on day 1 of my period they got me in the next day, did blood test and a scan and I started injections that night xxx

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Let's hope I don't get my period for a few weeks more then otherwise i will be delayed again . X


How long were you on the injections for before they did egg col ? X


I did 13 days as I was a poor responder think some do less. I didn't have any side effects just felt very tired throughout X 


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