In to minds to take my steroids or not need help

Hey lovely ladies some of you might no I was down England in February to deal with nk cells so got a biopsy done found out I've got an aggressive womb so they told me I needed to take steroids to help so was thinking 4th time defo lucky as got my tubes removed the end of February and now no I've got eggressive womb but getting steroids to help calm it down so went to where I get my treatment yesterday to speak about them and starting back again and the Dr told me she doesn't think I should take the steroids I wasn't prepared for that at all she's told me my baby could have cleft lip palate growth problems in womb and when born and few other things she said why dont we go ahead one more chance now ur tubes are dealt with and see that's OK saying that but I can't handle a 4th fail I really am so confused cause to high up doctors telling me different things any help would be great thank you baby dust to all xxxxxxx

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  • Babes it's nothing to worry about its for high doses and for people that have taken it for a long length of time. Myself and others I know are all fine with it and the tablets are the things that suppress your immune system along with the intralipids. 

    It's totallyour choice but your doctor is talking crap.  Your clinic isn't clued up on the immunology side so they wouldn't know what's what x 

    Most of the top clinics prescribe these in theirprotocol as standard practise to ensure the patient has the best possible chance 

  • It's all so confusing I think it's only way I will get my baby coz if they say I've got an aggressive womb how could my embryo Inplant I am so thankful towards you for filling me in all this if it wasn't for u I wouldn't have went down England and got the test down wouldn't even have knowing there was such a thing yeah only on it sort term xxxxxx

  • Ps long term use can possibly cause issues but it's only normally prescribed for 3 months.  X 

  • My clinic prescribed steroids as part of my ICSI treatment,  unfortunately we didn't get to BFP so don't know how long would have had to take them in pregnancy. The second clinic would only prescribe steroids if implantation issue diagnosed. 

    Could you get a second opinion?

    I can't face a 4th fail so we'be ceased treatment. 

  • Awww sorry to hear that hun well this is the place the hospital I go to is going to use in the future plus I cant get another biopsy as can't get it close to ur treatment starting again and I start in a few weeks it's alot to take in wot is ur next step xxxxx

  • Hi Lynsey,

    I agree with Samrakkar.  I had treatment in Czech Rep and my clinic prescribed it as standard, at a very low dose for 12 weeks.  I am now 31 weeks pregnant :-)

    Good luck darling,


  • Aww congratulations huni that's great news you mind if I ask what was the name of the steroids you got hun xxxxx

  • Hi Lynsey, 

    I was prescribed Predisplone at a dose of 5mg daily, I think, will check for you, 


  • Yeah same mine is 20 mg for 10 weeks then 10mg for a week then for the final week 5mg do u think this is why you became pregnant hun am just trying to work out wot I should do huni xxxxx

  • Hi Lynsey,

    I would say there were other contributing factors for why I got pregnant.  I am a little older and used DE.  I didn't have any previous history with implantation, but just thought, it's such a low dose and if it helps then I would take it.

    It's really down to you, maybe get a second opinion.

    Good luck darling.


  • Honestly babes top clinics and immune doctors wouldn't prescribe them if risks are so high you normally stay on them for about 12 weeks maybe 25 mg dose or less. It's the only thing or intralipids that will suppress your immune system and make your womb a hostile environment x NHS and smaller clinics don't even know about NK a lot of people I've spoken to online have the immune treatment at one place and have their fertility treatment at another.  I was lucky as mine offered both x 

    Good luck in whatever you decide you've come this far x 

  • They are called predisolone 

  • Yeah that's what I've got hun have you stopped taking them now ☺ xxxxx 

  • I stopped weaned off them at 12 weeks so by week 13 I was off of them I was on 25 mg a day x 

  • Just sent all mine on mail to u hun xxxx 

  • Could I ask if anyone was told to take them from ovulation or bfp? I'm thinking of having the nk test after 4 losses 

  • Hey.. no lovely it's normally just before transfer or on the day of you start them x 

  • I'm conceiving naturally though so wondered when I would start them ? If they are started on transfer then presume I would start them from ovulation in a natural cycle ? Thank you

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