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Question re 1 blocked tube

Might be a silly question but I'm having a little panic.  I had that dye test thing done ages ago and was told all fine. But then the nxt time I went for an appointment a different dr said to me " so your right tube is blocked" as if I knew! She said it could have just been a spasm during proceedure though. 

Anyway, my question is - will this affect my ivf?  

I'm just having a sudden panic and wanted confirmation . I sort of know the answer but just want to hear someone else tell me. 

Sorry for babbling on 😟 , hormones I guess , have a raging migraine too . 

Thanks girls xx

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I have a blocked tube and am trying my only NHS chance with IVF at the moment so it's fine. I had the dye test and then a laparoscopy, like you are having soon. The lap confirmed that I have a blocked tube, endo and some fibroids. Doc said IVF was my best chance of getting pregnant. Hope your lap goes ok and best of luck with your ttc

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I don't think the test is always clear. I've had contradictory info too. The dye finds the easiest route out so it was all flowing out of my right and not my left side but the doc doing it said she couldn't tell if it was blocked or not. Another doc thought it may be blocked. Ended up having a laparoscopy, which was useful in that they found endometriosis elsewhere but there was 'nothing of note' in my tubes. So overall I think it was a positive result in the end as far as the tubes go. Could be something similar for you. All the best xx


Hi. I'm sorry for the panic you're feeling. I think I'd do the same in such a situation. So did your doc stopped at a spasming finally? Or this question remains open? Anyway I believe this won't make the great obstacle for your IVF. If only you aren't facing any discomfort connected with this matter (I mean pains or something). I wish docs were more sensitive to us and tried to find the right words for presenting "news". Sometimes it might hurt..

Take care, dear. I think you have no big problem to worry about. X

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Hi Aimaim77, I had dye test too but thought everything was fine (was refused my results) from gynae clinic and passed pillar to post eventually got them at hospital with consultant after waiting 6 months unfortunately consultant told me it had cysts and scarring on my tube and say I would need it removed before IVF.  i agree with Marmo sensitivity is seriously lacking with consultants and doctors. Good luck xx


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