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After unsuccessful ICSI πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

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Hello ladies . I hade unsuccessful ICSI cycle πŸ˜” now is waiting time till 19 May to visit us doctor to discuss the cycle and what to do next . I got only one Fallopian tube left which is like 50% chance naturally to get pregnant. Is any of u have similar case to my and is any of u ladies went pregnant naturally after unsuccessful cycle? And if is how long after ? Thank u

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I'm very sorry for your unsuccessful ICSI. I had an unsuccessful regular IVF in March last year. Like you have only one tube. I'm now holding the baby we conceived naturally in July last year so don't give up hope! When I lost my other tube the doctor told me it doesn't halve your chance of conceiving as the remaining tube will move between ovaries. Very good luck xx

I was under the understanding that only having one tube doesn't halve your chances? A friend of mine had one tube removed and was told like you Flitany that the remaining tube moves between the two ovaries and you can conceive from either ovary. She has a little girl now who was born naturally! Don't give up hope Olivia1980! x

Thank u for replay . I'm gonna ask doctor then if my remaining tube will move between ovaries. I have not being told that by doctor . Is that good thing ? When I hade my second scan to see how my eggs growing they was bigger on the right side when I don't have Fallopian tube. The nurse say to me that don't mean anything bad is just every month women ovulate different. I'm just so tried now ... I didn't know how all this trying and icsi can be so stressful ...and make u feel so devastating πŸ˜” Thank u for giving me a hope x

Yep it's definitely good that the tube moves - it means the egg will make it to the uterus whether it comes from left or right ovary. Weirdly I again had the same as you with my ovaries- the left (which had no tube) produced many more eggs than the right during IVF. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this, it is such a trying ordeal. Stay strong and try to keep positive, it will happen for you I'm sure.

Thank u Flitany. Sorry for all those questions. After your fail cycle what u was thinking us your next step? Did u was thinking to have another go with IVF ? I'm not sure what to do . I'm 34 years old my hubby 38 time is not on ours side ....but I want to have a hope of it may happen naturally....(I'm not the person who good things happenπŸ˜”)

We were going to try again with ivf - but where we live we get 3 free cycles, so I don't know if that's the case for you or if you would have to pay? Do you know the reason for your infertility (we didn't , we were 'unexplained')? Also did they freeze any embryos for you? Sounds like you need to have a really good talk with the doc on the 19th to weigh up your options. I know how hopeless it can seem but 34 is not so old - I'm 31 so not very young either 😊. I do remember our clinic said you have a better chance with the second IVF than the first as the first time they are just guessing at all the medication but the second time they know how your body reacts so they can tailor it better to you.

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