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Hi all

First appointment booked for the 4th April to get medication and start long protocol ... So excited!

I have booked acupuncture and start first one next Wednesday ...

I am eating lots of wholemeal bread, fruit, veg esp broccoli and asparagus and cabbage and have been eating avocados too!

Ohh and now drinking decaf tea as well!

if anyone has any other tips please share!

If anyone knows any good avocado recipes as well ... But fed up of having them chopped in salad!!!


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Add lots of protein to that diet. Hummus, chickpeas, eggs, chicken. Scrambled eggs with avocado and a little Tabasco is lovely! Guacamole is easy enough to make too. Make sure you take your Pregnacare conception vitamins too and drink lots of water. Good luck!

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Hi Tlove

Thank you 😄

I'm taking pregnacare have been on folic acid since 16th Dec then as soon as we got sperm frozen I switched to pregnacare.

Thanks I'll try scrambled eggs and avocado as eating 2 boiled eggs a day is pretty boring!!

Thanks again

Holly x


You've inspired me and I just had my scrambled eggs with avocado on soda bread - yum! 


I stick avacados into a smoothie with almond milk, flax/chia seeds, coconut and cocoa. Sometimes put a but if fruit in there too.  Ice cubes are a must to cool it down (though not too many if still on ivf as I've read your not supposed to eat things that are too cold).  I also put a scoop of protein powder in and have it for breakfast, but if you're doing as a snack then skip that bit. It takes a bit of experimenting with quantities to get the right texture/flavour but it's worth it if you get it right! And I've never personally tried it but my local gourmet sandwich shop does smashed avacados and feta on toasted rye bread as part of their breakfast menu. Good luck with your cycle!


Hi lynn54

Thank you that's really helpful 😄 

All the best to you too



You could try having guacamole! It's really easy to make your own 😊 Lots of avocado recipes on Pinterest. Good luck honey. I've had my egg collection today for first round of IVF long protocol. I had the monthly prostap injections- I don't know what the side effects are for the medication you're taking are but prostap causes depression or at least it did for me. I wish someone had warned me!x


Hi angel pie 

I'm not sure what injections I'll be on just yet I find out in the 4th although they did say it's bringing on menopause type symptoms so can experience mood swings etc, I'm more worried about that than injecting as I haven't taken the pill for 10 years (due to DH 's vasectony there was no need) but I was horrible on the pill. 

I have heard that acupuncture can help with those symptoms which is why I've first app booked for Wednesday!)

How was egg collection?

Holly x 


I love avocado in smoothies, it makes them really creamy. Also I'm sorry to say I'm not sure about the decaf tea as it still has caffeine in it. Ask your nurse but mine said no decaf.


Hi M_V_B

Thank you - the limit I think is 200 milligrams / day and the PG tips decaf contain 10 milligrams / cup so I have switched to those and I am having on average 4 cups / day.

I will ask the acupuncturist on Wednesday as she actually used to work in the conception unit as a nurse!

Thanks again,



I have it with fruit milkshake


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