Day three of stims - bad symptoms on down regulation

Hi everyone, so I'm currently now on day three of stimulating and I have been feeling so rough this time around. Insomnia, constant headache, night sweats, really spotty and completely shattered! I don't think that contracting a urine infection along with a fever that has knocked me out for the past three days really helped either. Still, on to phase two now, first scan is booked for Wednesday so hoping to get some strength back to start growing those follicles.

I hope everyone else's journey is going well.

Has anyone else had any bad symptoms so far? Xx

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  • Sorry your feeling pretty miserable. I know the feeling from Buserelin, it wasn't nice! Hope you feel better soon πŸ€

  • Yes, I did. Buserelin's just horrible.

    Be as kind to yourself as you can - you deserve it! Xx

  • Hey there!

    We seem to be cycle buddies! I was ok for the main part when down regging until maybe a couple of days before my baseline scan...started feeling a bit yucky then (headaches/nausea/tiredness/forgetfulness!). Since stimming I haven't really felt any better (day 3 now)...was really hoping I'd feel good again but no such luck. I'd say I'm up and down (from one hour to the next!)...and my moods are definitely worse! I do find eating little and often helps with some of the symptoms. That, and drinking lots of water and taking time out to relax this weekend has helped.

    Hope you feel better soon.


  • Yay, it's nice to have someone at the same point as you. How is everything going for you so far? I'm sorry your not feeling too great, I'm actually feeling quite a lot better now just very tired! My mood hasn't been too bad I don't think, although I found myself being a little short on a few ocassions. Still with the hormones being altered like they are I'm not surprised!

    Hope you start feeling better soon, my nurse said that normally people start to feel better on the Gonal F so hopefully you will too. Xx

  • Hey! I'm starting to feel better mood-wise for sure but like you say, it's moved on to tiredness now. I'm starting to feel more like a pin cushion/lab experiment too...especially as I have acupuncture as well lol! A week tomorrow til egg collection for me. How about you? I'm getting nervous but trying not to think about it!


  • I know the pin cushion feeling well, just seem to be running out of room thats not already bruised, and I'm not even having accupuncture! Just had my follicle scan and everything appears to be developing well. Another scan on Friday and egg collection looks set to take place next week, potentially Wednesday depending on how the next few days go. I hope your doing ok eeek next week, that will come around so fast. I'm a little nervous this time around but I'm trying remain calm, I think I'm more nervous about the cannula going in than the actual collection! Xx

  • You poor thing. Really dont need a uti during this process. I'm like Oakey a few headaches and mega mood swings. I also seem to be eating my way through the process. Speaking of 9 stims and nearly decked someone.

    Our Sainsbury's had one of those tutoring places for kids for maths and English and they are drumming up business by approaching people coming into the store. This bloke approached both me and my husband with no signs of us having kids. Told him with my masters degree and hubby being an accountant that we think we don't need the tutoring to which he asked if we knew anyone who did need it! Complained to the store manager about the insensitivity and maybe he should be trying people with kids in tow. I was fuming. But might be the drugs reacting. Makes a change from the husband bearing the brunt lol

  • Haha oh dear, lucky for my partner my mood has be ok (or so he says...)

    Sorry about your shop experience, It's really annoys me how some people can be insensitive and just assume, I know they have a job to do but like you say, they could target out the ones with children. We keep getting the usual questions: 'when are you going to have kids?,' 'Don't you want children?' from friends and I find that difficult, they don't know anything about our situation but still maybe if they thought a little bit they would think it could be insensitive to ask. Although I suppose that could be because we are more aware of it being more complicated so think more about it before speaking.

    Wishing the very best with your cycle! xx

  • I know what you mean. My friend who has suffered some late miscarriages signed up for a pottery course and they asked how many dependant children she has! Why oh why.

    Hope your symptoms settle down soon. I've got at least two more days of stims to go do will be trying to sleep and not go nuts!

  • I nearly swung for someone at work the other day. They started questioning me whether I wanted children in front of the whole office (I barely know the person). I just said no I don't...that's my automatic response (as I don't want anyone to know my business) but then they proceeded to object to "my choice" and say "oh I don't understand people like you..." Thankfully for him he's now off for a fortnight. Might give me a chance to calm down!

  • Gosh, u poor thing, hope u feel better soon & good luck with your cycle x

  • Thank you 72cloud9, best of luck to you too! xx

  • Hi!

    I too am on a roller coaster of emotions! On day 6 of stims now. Mainly tearful, could literally cry at anything but also throw regular tantrums for no reason! Insomnia is a big one for me. Headaches on and off and a wierd bumpy rash on my face which i can feel but can't actually see. New symptom today is feeling panicky and I seem to have myself all worked up about the injections, which have actually been ok. Need to do something relaxing when I get home to snap out of it... Don't know how I will get through the next week or two... :(

    Good luck!

  • Hey, so sorry your feeling rough, I too have been very up and down emotionally crying at the slightest thing! I have tried to remain as calm as possible and so far I think I'm doing an okay job. Since stimming my sypmtoms have improved alot, my skin still isn't great but I'm actually sleeping now which is amazing! Hopefully you'll just to feel more normal soon, you've done amazing to get this far! With all those hormones going around your bound to be all over the place.

    Wishing you all the luck with this cycle! xx

  • Thanks honey! Doing a lot better today (day 8). Hopefully more than halfway through now! Glad to hear you're doing better too!

    Good luck - we got this!! Xxx

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