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Menopur scan

So I've just had my 2 nd scan this week on 300 inu of menopur follicles still slow growing but have grown since Monday! ! Scan again Saturday with egg collection being around towards the end of next week!!! Fingers crossed for more growth by Saturday!!!! I'm so tired whilst taking menopur!!! Roll on easter weekend plenty of rest and sleep!! 😴😴😴😴xx

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I remember the menopur tiredness well, it's amazing tho how much can change on the scans in few days, good luck xxx


I'm like a walking zombie at the moment. Just Want to sleep 😴 and thank you xx

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That's really good news that they are growing! How long have you been taking menopur (is it always 2 weeks)?


Started on the 14th scanned 21st and today I've had to up my dose this evening to 5 powders and scan on Saturday again!!! 😐 follicles ate growing but at a slow rate but hopefully should start shooting up now xx


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