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How long before first scan on menopur?

Hi I'm now on day 3 of menopur (300iu) and day 23 of buserelin (5ml) but I've not got my first follicle scan until day 10 of menopur. I've noticed that a lot of people are getting scans every few days, I'm just checking that I'm not alone in waiting?

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Hey, my clinic don't scan until day 8-10 either and I was really worried too. However when I did go for a scan day 8 (bought forward due to bleeding) I realised there just wouldn't have been much point earlier.

It's frustrating though isn't it as you just want to see what's happening. I'm having a scan tomorrow and am so anxious!

Good luck xx


Thanks spongy, my clinic doesn't really tell you what to expect but I've found out a lot on here. Good luck for tomorrow x


My clinic scan a week after starting the Menopur injections, and then I've always had 2-3 more scans before the egg collection operation.


Thanks sweetpea


I have my scan on Thursday 5th November and only started the injections Friday. Which means day 7 my scan. I'm only on menopur though. The clinic said if all is good then egg collection will be Monday. I'm ment to be on the long protocol so not sure what's happening at moment


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