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Wrong advice

I'm just venting here really!

After years of infertility I was finally refered to a gynaecologist and started investigations early last year. After 6 months and every scan and blood test known to man we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Very frustrating. But living where we do and regardless of the fact I have a son from a previous relationship from the research I did I knew we should be able to receive 2 rounds of IVF on the NHS.

At my next appointment I was told by the consultant that because I have a child we do not qualify and I should go private. I was totally devastated as I knew we couldn't afford private at this time.

Anyho, that was 6 months ago and whilst doing the usual googling turns out my consultant was WRONG. I spoke to the clinical lead with my concerns and she said yes I was right and I should never have been told we didn't qualify! 😵

So we now have an appointment with a fertility nurse end of April!

Just really scary that others could be being told incorrect information and not actually looking it up and giving up!

Anyone else had to fight to get what they deserve?

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That's awful but good for you doing your research . Where and how did you fu scout what your entitled too? I'm 39 In July and I only get 1 fresh 2 frozen I have no other children neither does my partner.

I started my ivf in February but had to stop treatment due to my lining of womb being too thick, so as it stands I'm waiting for a hysteroscopy ( they say it will be about 6 weeks) so time is ticking and I'm getting more and more anxious.




I live in Wales so we have an all Wales policy. The policy my gynaecologist showed me was from 2008! I did point that out to her at the time but was in no uncertain t Mrs told we would have to go private.

That's awful about having to stop. Just when things seem to finally start moving life does throw a hump in the road! It's the waiting game that kills me.

When you were told you were going for IVF did you have to see a fertility nurse first? I've been told I have an appointment with the fertility nurse but not sure if that's just for a chat and then we wait for a decision on which treatment or if this is to start our treatment.


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Hi, I saw the consultant she briefly told me how it all works and then I saw the nurse who went into more detail and gave me my medication and a plan.

I did see the consultant again after my last scan though .

Just a waiting game now .

Frustrating but I suppose at least there checking me out thoroughly .



Hi samjones83. That's so good to hear that you have an appointment soon, and I hope it goes well. I do have a list of questions I could send you to have a look through before you go if you want. it's too long to add here, but if you email me in confidence to dianearnold@infertilitynetworkuk.com I will send them to you. Diane

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That's really helpful thank you. What exactly do a the fertility nurse do that the consultant doesn't? 

I'm guessing Liverpool is where they send all patients from north wales. 

Let me know how your friend gets on b interesting to know x


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