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Unsuccessful first fresh and frozen transfers - advice for second round


We are looking at starting IVF/ICSI (male infertility) round two soon and I am looking for advice as to what we should ask at our follow up appointment and for anyone else who has had similar experiences but went on to have success.

Our first round went really well on paper - 2 embryos, 5AA and one 4AA - one 5AA was transferred fresh ending with a BFN and we went for the frozen transfer a few weeks ago and on the day of the appointment were told our 5AA didn’t survive the thaw and that our 4AA had not done very well and had 50% cells survived and had then re-expanded to 60%. Our clinic has a 95% thaw survival rate so we have either been very unlucky or their was something wrong with the embryos even though they looked top quality.

I’m now struggling with negativity and am worried there is something else wrong besides low sperm count - I am waiting for results of NK tests - I asked for them rather than being recommended them - our consultant says it is likely just bad luck and he wouldn’t change anything for our next round - we can’t really afford many more attempts so would rather have any necessary tests now whilst we can afford treatment! Every time I ask whether PGS testing may be necessary the consultant says we don’t need to worry about that yet...

Sorry for the long post but I feel really lost and hope someone can offer guidance from their experiences?

Thanks in advance! 🤞

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Hey, don't be worried I am sure things will get better. IVF can be unpredictable so you are never sure if it will work or not. I think you should opt for another cycle. Ask doctors to help improve the quality of your husband's sperms as well. There are medications for that, my clinic told us about them. You should wait for the results to come as well. Ask your doctors if you should also take medicines to improve the egg quality. Good luck!


I am sorry to read this. It is so hard and I have the same reaction as you when I have a failed round - I immediately want all the tests in the world to pinpoint exactly what, why, when, how. Then I see how much that will all cost and I pare back a little. What your consultant has said is unfortunately true. Mostly it is a numbers game and we have to keep trying. However did they offer the embryonic genetic Screening? That is to check for any abnormalities that might impact on the success? Mostly they will suggest that only if there are several eggs to choose from. But it can help to enable you to choose the one with the most likelihood of working?

I hope all goes well with the next round. It takes 3 months to get your sperm into optimal quality state. You need a healthy balanced diet, no smoking, hardly any (if at all) drinking, and some exercise. Lots of spinach and eggs but make sure you have a colourful plate. Try to have at least your 5 a day.

Good luck and big hugs xx

JenKath in reply to Camillage

Thank you so much! That’s exactly how I feel - there must be a reason why it didn’t work if it was a top quality embryo so I want to do all the tests but yes they soon add up!! I am trying to trust the doctors but I’ve always felt that doing the same thing twice and expecting different results is madness. Maybe that rule doesn’t apply to ivf!?

Is the embryonic genetic screening different from PGS? Our clinic offer Embryoscope - is that the same? Definitely something I would be keen to look into!

Hopefully all our healthy eating will help the next round! I think I have eaten more eggs the last few months than I have in my life so far! 🤗

Thanks for your advice! Hope your treatment is going well! xx

Thank you! I hope I can be as strong as you and not lose hope if our second round doesn’t work! I would definitely consider surrogacy if it turns out to be the best route for us. I’m sorry to hear you had two failed rounds but happy to hear surrogacy worked for you!! xx

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