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Buying IVF meds online with EU prescription

Hi everyone :-)

After a long time of deliberating and research my partner and I have decided on treatment at Trianglen in Denmark. I've two queries, if anyone can help:

- buying meds online: any advice on costs / speed of delivery with an EU prescription

- has anyone had treatment at Trianglen

I understand that the nasal spray needs to begin on day 21, which for me is this Wednesday. We've yet to have treatment protocol confirmed and receive the prescription - am I mad to hope that we might be able to start this month??!!

Thanks in advance

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I had treatment in Czech Rep and took my prescription to Asda. A lot cheaper than other pharmacy's as they don't make a profit on fertility drugs. You just need to give them a day or two to order some of the drugs in. I had DE in Czech rep, so didn't need stimulation drugs.

I would say though that starting this wed would be very ambitious, as I had to wait between 7-14 days for my prescription to arrive from Czech Rep. Pharmacy's will generally only accept the original prescription.

Can't comment on your clinic, but I found my EU clinic to be very good and everything went smoothly.

Good luck!



Hi J

Thanks for your response - very helpful. Hopefully there wouldn't be a wait for the nasal spray so we can at least make a start and the others wouldn't be needed as quickly.

I remain ambitious and optimistic though the clinic I had the ultrasound with in London is dragging their heels so perhaps I'm being unrealistic in any case!

Thanks again and I hope you were successful x


Hi S,

Does your clinic in Demark have a clinic in London that they work with for drugs And all yours scan etc? I found a good ultrasound clinic at very reasonable priced in London.

I was successful with my second transfer ( Fet) in Czech Rep, am now 27 weeks 😀



Ah, brilliant! so glad to hear that you have been successful!

I've been to two clinics on Harley Street for scans (not affiliated with Denmark). The Harley Street Fertility Clinic (lovely staff but dragged their heels and v expensive) and the Birth Company (very quick, better priced and same day results!) - may I ask who you used? it's always good to hear other people's experience.

S x



I used the birth company also 😀 Found them really good and inexpensive, especially if I had a scan during office hrs.

Had you received your prescription yet?

Let me know how you get on with your treatment. Before you know it you will be in Denmark for ET!.



Birth Company - snap! yes, I liked the staff there though I was (gently!) berated for not emptying my bladder just as they were about to do my scan. All good though.

No prescription yet and having been in touch with the clinic today it might be tomorrow, Thurs or Fri - looks like I was def too optimistic for treatment this month...bugger. Generally I feel very positive about it though. I'm pragmatic about the whole thing, I can't imagine the first attempt will work so I just want to get that out of the way so we can move closer towards the one that will work!!! bring it on I say.

I will let you know how it goes :-)

It's nice to hear from someone else who's had treatment abroad and I'm really glad it has worked for you. We researched countries to have treatment in and were then were thwarted by laws/crazy rules that we hadn't anticipated at all - it's already been a bit of a journey!



Hi J :-)

I was just looking for an old message on this site and came across yours.....you must be almost due now? Hope everything is going really well for you.

We'll be starting our 2nd attempt in about 3 weeks x


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