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Getting so nervous about progesterone injections


I know I may sound like a total wimp but I start my pogesterone injections tomorrow morning ready for our FET on Tuesday but I'm just so nervous about it. Firstly the needles are huge, just looking at them makes me feel sick. Secondly all the doctors keep looking astonished when I say I'm having the injections instead of the pessaries, and the lady who did my scan yesterday said "but it's so painful!"

I keep telling them this is not really a choice thing but a suggestion as I didn't even make it to test day last cycle. I know they have to be injected into the muscle and when the nurse gave us a demo yesterday I thought my poor husband was going to pass out!! I'm really not sure he is up to it but going to the hospital every day isn't really practical either. 

I feel like I've been so strong this time and taken everything in my stride but this is really making me wobbly. Do any of you lovely ladies have any words of advice or can you let me know how painful they really are as I'm expecting something really terrible 😁😁

Thank you xxx

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Daisy please don't panic, I've done the progesterone injections and about to start again tomorrow. I actually do mine myself as just easier and have no problems. They are not that painful at all. Yep a bit of a sting when the needle breaks the skin but you can't feel it when you push it in. I do mine just above my butt in the muscular area. I do it in front of a mirror easy peasy. Good luck Hun xx 

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You sound so brave!! The nurse said I wouldn't be able to do it myself and when we asked about how far the needle goes in she freaked us out by saying 'just get the feel for it and try not to go too deep and hit the bone!' 😩😩

Think I'm just getting myself into a state over it and it probably won't be that bad. Thank you so much for not scaring me more! Good luck with everything xxx


I just wanted to say, we had to do those and it really wasn't as bad as I thought. My advice would be to make sure you go in the upper outer part of the bum, not the fleshy part! Weirdly it hurts less that way and is better as its straight in the muscle. 

My husband did mine and although he was nervous he soon got used to it and he did a great job. Between you I'm sure you'll be fine. 

I also found it really helped to give the muscle a really good rub afterwards. That seemed to stop it getting sore. 

You will be ok, I think the thought is so much worse. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Good luck, will think of you xx

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Thank you so much Spongy. Maybe it is the fear of the unknown and once we have started we will be ok. It gives me strength knowing you ladies have done it and it wasn't the end of the world!! 

Thank you 😘

Hi Daisy, ive been doing these for two weeks now nearly they are that bad i actually much prefer them to the clexane ive got into my tummy and thats a tint needle. We watched this before doing it

I lie down on bed and try and relax it is better if your husband uses his fingers to stretch skin flat (instead of pinching with other injections) as it goes in a lot easier and at least you cant see them, dont know if i could do it myself though. When colour needles do you have? Ive had two different ones shipped started off with blue ones with green to mix and the my second delivery had green ones with pink to mix, the blue are definately better ive just enough blue left to get me through then going to swap the green when i next go back. Other people have said the green hurt less as bigger the liquid goes in quicker but the blue are smaller so i feel better. Definately warm them up for at least 5 mins, it makes a big difference. Hope ive not scared you more now! Honestly if i can you cant im a wimp xx

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Thank you so much Rosy, you didn't scare me and made me feel better! We have the green needles which seemed so big but I had my first one at the hospital this morning and I hardly felt it!! So crazy how we get ourselves so worked up over these things. My husband is taking over from to keep and I think he is feeling more confident seeing how it was done today. 

Thank you xxxx

Daisy i meant not that bad!!! At top typo! Sorry

No worries. I think it's totally normal to be anxious. The things we have to go through are crazy. Good luck with it all xx

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Thank you so much 😊

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