Bleeding after finishing zoladex

How long can I expect it to take for me to have a period once I have my last zoladex injection? I'm intending to have 4 monthly injections before starting our next cycle of IVF. I've been told I will then need to have a bleed and then start my short protocol meds. It would be helpful to have any guidance/experience on how long this might take x

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  • Hi, it could take a few months, when I had a 3 month injection it took 3 and half months to get my first period. I think it can change from person to person, some people get it straight away but for what I read most often it takes a few months. Best of luck!

  • Thank you, that's really helpful!

  • Hi Scribble. An injection that lasts for 3 months can take up to another 3 months to get back to normal menstruation. Likewise one that is for 1 month can take up to another month for them to return. These are average estimates, so can be earlier or later - sorry! Diane

  • I got my period after four months but the doctor I saw said it can take up to a year for things to settle after having it. Even though I got my period I didnt appear to be ovulating until about seven or eight months after it x

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