So I'm due to go for my first scan next Wednesday but I started to bleed

The bleed has now stopped, it didn't last too long and it did fill a pad so it wasn't heavy at all

I went to hospital and took bloods etc and they were high. Doc z if I was having a miscarriage bloods wouldn't be that high

I'm taking the rest of the week off work to rest. I'm not sure how I should think, I've woke up this morning and no blood. My boobs are still sore so I'm all over the place

Has anyone experienced this and still had a healthy pregnancy


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  • It looks like it's going in the right direction hun. πŸ‘πŸ»Bleedings stopped, sore boobs, all good! We had a bleed day before 12 week scan, bright red blood, was certain it was over! And it wasn't! The whole journey is terrifying!

    Put your feet up 😊

    I hope you get a happy result hun. ❀️❀️❀️❀️

  • Aww thank you πŸ™‚ where u in pain wen u had the bleed? I'm convinced it's over but I'm googling everything and this is quite common

    lol m just praying everything is ok xx

  • No no pain, just blood when I wiped and some in the loo xxx

  • Really hope everything is ok for you, definitely rest up now. It's terrifying isn't it, I'm not even at the end of the 2ww but I had a bfp a few days ago but now bleeding. If there was a miracle and everything was ok I don't think I'll ever settle till the baby was here 😳 Wishing you so much luck xx

  • Aww thank you. It's an awful experience to be going through. Are you bleeding much?

    I definitely won't settle until the baby is here. Hopefully I get more answers on Friday

    Fingers crossed for you missus xx

  • Yeah it really sucks, no not loads, not wearing a pad but there was more in the last hour on the toilet than previous days so can't help worrying it will get heavier today πŸ˜•

    Thank you Hun, I really really hope all is well with you too xc

  • Hi L1984. Oh dear! So annoying when this happens, and more often than not, we can never give you a reason why. I would be assured that your hCG level is high, so it's just down to some weird "blip". Get your feet up when you can and enjoy the sunshine, then hopefully all will stay settled. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Aww Diane your right this is annoying. I can't stay off google. I'm just praying everything is ok but I'm not convinced. There's no sign of any blood today but this is the 2nd time I've bled n it has went away. My head is all over the place xx

  • Hi L1984. Yes, leave "Dr Google" alone for now, and get out and enjoy this sunshine instead. You need the vitamin D!! Thinking of you lots - you know that. Diane

  • I had a bright red heavy bleeding for few hours 8 days after transfer.. Definitely thought game over but it was a haematoma and not baby.. Currently. 15 weeks pregnant... Still can't relax and the whole process such a worry... Hopefully we have all reassured you... Best of luck πŸ€ xxx

  • Aww really, it's so stressful. Mine was never heady wouldn't have filled a pad. Woke up this morning n when I go to toilet it's brown blood. Nurses aren't too concerned as it's not heavy, I'm going for a scan tomorrow st my local hospital so fingers crossed 🀞🏽 yeah I definitely feel a lot better talking to all you girls

    Congrats missus to you xx

  • Good luck tomorrow.. Hope all great.. Wait to hear xxxx

  • I bled a bit today so my sister got me in for a scan today (she works in hospital) I did see a heartbeat but wasn't really clear. I've got an appointment with my clinic on Wednesday so can't wait for that xx

  • Ah well that's good you saw Heartbeat.. The early scans are never clear.. Wishing you lots of luck for Wednesday xxx

  • Aww that you 😊 it's still early days but I'm gona try stay positive xx

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