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Bleeding after sex


Hi everyone. The title says it all. I had my periods for 10 days which is quite long for me. Few days later husband and i got intimate everything was fine but when we did do it a day later i bled alot. Im obviously freaked out by it. I have no pain nothing but have never experienced anything like this. After all that it only appears when wiping myself (sorry for tmi). Currently away so cant even see my gp.

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You sound like you have a sensitive cervix! Which I also have myself . My Ivf drugs would cause bleeding and almost everything else. I think it’s called an erosion which isn’t serious but can be treated. You should speak to your gp x

Hi naz82, I have an ectropian condition which causes bleeding from the cervix. Not painful at all but a lot of things irritate it incl getting intimate. I’ve been told it’s hormonal which makes sense as it only occurs about 5days before AF. I’ve heard others talk about it occurring after all the drugs used in IVF too. I was scared it would affect my fertility but the gyno tells me that no it’s ok. Hope you can relax a bit before getting home to see your gp.


An erosion/ectropian is a small area of your uterus that has fallen through your cervix. Because this flesh is your uterus, hormones cause it to inflame and then it can bleed at a small touch/irritation. It does not affect your fertility, and should not just bleed randomly, so if you bleed without some kind of stimulation, get this checked out. But it can bleed during pregnancy, so remain aware of this for when you get your happy ending.

You can have the area cortorised, but I was always reluctant to.

Thankyou everyone for your replies x

Hi. Like the other girls saying I have a cervical ectropian and it did cause bleeding from time to time. I also had long periods and bleeding earlier this year and a routine smear showed some cell changes that I had treated so if it continues I would recommend getting your smear just in case.

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