Feeling very sorry for myself

Feel extremely drained and tired so having an early night.

Fed up with feeling unwell on this flipping nasal spray that isn't even working anyway.

Do any of you ladies know wether you think they will switch my meds or will they tell me to stop spray and wait to come on .

Although this spray is to shut all my hormones down, so how can I have a period? I find this so confusing.

Guess I'll find out at Hosp tmr morn .

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  • Sorry your having a tough time. It is a stressful journey so be kind to yourself. Make sure you're getting plenty of rest and try not to over think things. Take each day as is comes and hopefully you'll get some answers from the hospital today xx

  • Hope you get some answers from the hospital today. So frustrating when you are all set to get going. I have heard of others having delayed period so hopefully will appear soon for you. Xx

  • Hi, I am in the same position as you, been on the spray from January and I have already had my 2nd period. Had blood tests 2 weeks ago and again on Monday and still have no answers as they all came back ok. Due to go back tomorrow so will hopefully know more then. I hope you get the answers you need. It's all so confusing. x

  • Hi Aimaim77. Just hoping that the hospital has come to some decision about this at last. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Not good just had app have to go for histeroscopy ( 6 weeks!!) as lining still too thick and they don't know why as my estrogen level is low as it should be . She said that I have to delay treatment. She said it is strange that lining thick still and in most cases lining thick due to polyp on ovarie but she could c none on mine . She said that in some cases it could be pre cancerous cells in lining of womb but she said she didn't want me to worry!!! Then she said that if after histeroscopy all results are normal - then they will start me on the "short protocol" which basically is just start injections . why do they even have to mention cancer

  • Hi Aimaim77. Oh my dear girl, this is such a worry for you after all this waiting.However, I am so pleased that you are booked to have a hysteroscopy, as all will become clear as to why you haven't fully down regulated. It could be that you do have polyps, as they don't have to "stick out". Many polyps can cover all the womb interior and just look like smooth bumps. They will take a biopsy at the same time to check out for everything, which is good. I would have thought that if you had pre-cancerous cells they would have shown up in your cervical smear test, so try not to dwell on that. Starting over again on a short protocol should hopefully be less problematic for you. let's hope you don't have to wait too long. Diane

  • Hi Hun, my endometrium was too thick on my last cycle (found this out on the follow up apt after failure) and in hindsight I had wished I had known that before and it sorted as would of saved the extra disappointment. This cycle I had a laparoscopy and a Hysteroscopy before and they found out I had issues and I was put on drugs to sort it and now I'm on drugs to help with the lining and this time round it wasn't too thick. Just had egg collection today and got 16...I know pausing your treatment is very frustrating but in the long run it may save you going through an extra cycle and you have a much better rate of success when they know more about you. I hope this helps with how you are feeling today xxx

  • Hi I was so down yesterday and have taken today off just think I'm full of stress .

    I'm pleased that I won't loose my 1 go at ivf and that hopefully whatever it is is treatable .

    16 eggs ! Wow that's great , do you know yet how many they will transfer , let me know how you get on .

    Are you on long or short protocol?


  • Hi - long protocol but was only on down Reg for 10 days this time... literally just found out the results. We have 4 embryos and leaving me to day 5 to see what the best quality ones are to transfer back in - we opted to have embryo scope where they take photos every 10mins to track their development. I hope they do ok. Last time we had one embryo to go at and it showed signs of abnormalities as didn't divide in the right way. The next 4 days are going to be tough! So out of 16 we got 4... 8 of the eggs just didn't fertilise. Feeling really tender today. Shame we didn't get more embryos but fingers crossed the 4 do ok!x

  • I wish you the best of luck Hun . I've not heard of embryo scope before so that's something to think about for future.

    Take it easy the next few days and really hope it all works out for you.

    I feel exhausted today so very glad I took today off work to just chill and get my head together. Xx

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