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Clomid without period

Thanks to all who posted . Sadly no BFP , must have been Evap lines, although OPK's remained positive for two weeks. I know i didn't ovulate , blood tests cd21 and 28, 1 then 1.9. So now im CD 36 and waiting for AF as Dr has increased Clomid to 150mg. Has anyone took Clomid with having AF as if you have an Anovulatory cycle its not a real period. ?

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Don't know about the clomid as went straight to ivf but just wanted to send best wishes. This process messes with your head and so easy to get your hopes up only to see them dashed. Sorry it wasnt a bfp for you xxx


Hi webchick. Ideally it is taken on Day 2 of your period for 5 days. Sometimes a drug is given to produce a withdrawal bleed, which isn't really a period, so some doctors do prescribe it without a bleed, but obviously you need to check for pregnancy beforehand. Good luck! Diane


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