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Hi everyone, I had my first consultation with the fertility clinic last month and I was hoping to get Clomid as my blood results since miscarrying over a year ago were indicating that I wasn't ovulating. Typically the month of my appointment I did actually ovulate therefore they refused to help me! Anyway, I have continued getting tested and as I suspected it was just a one off and I haven't ovulated since.

So my question is has anyone been given Clomid to help them ovulate regularly or will they not even consider it when you do ovulate on your own occasionally? I really don't want to wait another year for help which is what they have suggested.


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I didn't receive Clomid personally as I am ovulating regularly but my best friends tests showed that she wasn't ovulating at regular intervals although she did ovulate. She was offered Clomid by her GP and used it to help conceive both her boys.

I hope this helps. xx


It's mad how it differs so much for different people. My GP said he couldn't prescribe it, would have to be fertility clinic & then they said I couldn't have it in case I released too many eggs :( I wish there was some consistency with these things, seems to depend where you go to the doctors/live to how much help you get given. Xx


Hi there,

I have PCOS. But didn't know that at the time when visiting the GP. Sometimes I ovulate sometimes I don't. My GP didn't prescribe Clomid, but the fertility consultant did, after the 2nd consultation.


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My gynae specialist prescribed mine (not gp). blood tests showed I didn't ovulate but I did have regular periods so they were a bit confused - could be some months I did and some I didn't that was never really established, but I had an ovulation issue and this is what I was given. I took it for 9 cycles over 12 months. I do now ovulate but I'm now at fertility clinic for IVF. x

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Hi Charl28. I think I would ask your GP to refer you back to the consultant. Clomid is prescribed to get you to ovulate, but also to hopefully get you to ovulate regularly, which clearly you haven’t been doing. Blood tests to check ovulation can only tell you about that month. Definitely have a chat with your GP – and good luck! Diane


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