At cracking point

So after getting faint postive in February it's all gone down hill from there .

I've had 2 scans telling me I'm not pregnant and they told me to stop pessarys last Wednesday.... bloods are showing hgc levels have raised from 28 to 38 to 98 to 358 then to 400 on Friday so sent me for another scan today.

So today they have informed me at scan I know have a sack growing and I need to start pessarys again ...... Saturday I started spotting and now I'm on a full scale bleed. When I said at early pregnancy unit I was bleeding they shrugged it off and said people bleed in pregnancy.

She said even if there's a 1% chance the pregnancy will work we have to give it a shot...... go back for another scan on 22nd March.

I'm so sick I'm sure there just stringing me along I only have feeling of negativity about this ....... I personally think there is 0 chance of working.

Are they just pushing me to cracking point!

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  • Aaah hon I really feel for you :( I've never fallen pregnant so have no useful advice. Just to say I'm thinking and praying that you get great news xx

  • Thank you, but I've just got in from work and had a massive bleed, I think from what I've found I've miscarried what ever they seen on scan this morning .

    Will ring early pregnancy clinic in morning. Xx

  • Sorry won't cut it so sending you a massive hug and squeeze xx

  • Thank you x

  • Crazy cat, hope you've been OK overnight. See if you get yourself seen in the morning at the epu to check things for you. Sending hugs, make sure you take care of yourself. x

  • Thank you. my husband made me ring the emergency number last night, they told me to ring back in morning for clinic as I'd stopped bleeding heavily, when I said I think I've passed whatever they'd seen on scan she said it sounds like that's highly likely.

    We actually go away Wednesday which is definitely what I need now xx

  • Good luck at the clinic today. Hope you can enjoy some time with your hubby during your break, it's tough for the men too but they don't always show it. It will be good for you both to get away for a while. x

  • Big hugs Crazy Cat, hope you're OK, sounds like good timing for a holiday take care of yourself and each other honey xxx

  • Thank you. I'm coping and now focusing on holiday xx

  • It's a constant battle....sorry to hear you are still going through this journey.

    Have they mentioned another blood test too as they'll need to ensure the levels change?

  • Just rang the epac unit I have to go in for yet another scan..... I'm sure they could tell off a blood test like you say. My last blood test was Friday which it had raised again.

    They've caused so much stress over this. I'm sure if it was a natural pregancy they wouldn't put me through all this.

  • They probably wouldn't, but I guess they are just trying to make sure you are not at any risk from an ectopic and things like that.

    Are you going to ask to have the repeat bloods done if you are going in for scan anyway?.... as the scans don't sound to have been that great so far...

  • Yeah I will ask for a blood test as well.

    No been rubbish at scans been told different things every time !


  • They normally scan at this stage to check the lining and to see if there is tissue remaining. They normally also ask you back in a week's time as well to confirm the thickness of lining. It's not pleasant going in there for a scan at this stage but it's normal for them to do this. I hope you can take your husband with you for the scan, you may need him for support. x

  • To be honest I've been through so many scans and been told that many different things I've totally turned off to them. I just want them to leave me alone. Yeah hubby going with he's been a God send xx

  • Really sorry to hear you've been through so much stress.

    Take care & relax whilst you are away.

  • Thank you I'm sure if it was a natural pregancy they wouldn't of done all this messing about.

    Holiday will be a God send xx

  • Look after yourself xxx

  • Thank you xx

  • I'm so sorry- sounds awful. I have recently miscarried at 8.5 weeks so I understand. A holiday is exactly what you need. X

  • Thank you so sorry for your loss, yes it is awful but it's officially over now 😒.

    Constraining on packing and getting ready to leave now xx

  • Great timing for your holidays. Hope you are going somewhere lovely. We cancelled a holiday over Easter when I first started bleeding because clinic and GP advised that while baby looked ok I probably shouldn't fly. Baby died the next day...... This is my second miscarriage and I've had four rounds of IVF in between.....

    So we rebooked the holiday and I am very much looking forward to getting away- it's with friends who don't have kids as well so will be a good distraction. I'm struggling to function right now.

    Have a good trip and let's look forward to better days ahead.

  • Awww gosh sounds like you've had a rough time too. It's just awful isn't it. we are going to crufts and then to the lake district for a week to switch off. It's our 2nd wedding anniversary on the 15th and the lakes is sort of tradition.

    Glad you got your holiday rebooked it sounds lovely, I hope your holiday helps you feel better and stay strong xx

  • Massive hugs ladies 😘

  • Thank you

  • Oh crazy cat sounds horrific sending baby dust and praying you get answers xx

  • Thank you we are slowly picking up the pieces and thinking about round 2 x

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