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Update ❤

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Just wrote a long post then it lost it so quick update now!

They can see something flickering that they said looks to be our tiny baby! They can see yolk sac and pregnancy sac looks perfect so bleeding not from that. Dating from transfer day they put me at 5+2 but pregnancy sac measuring 6+4 but I thought I was 6 weeks today so no idea now.

They said scan again in two weeks to see heartbeat and baby but they aren't concerned. They said I could bleed for another few weeks yet.

Not out of the woods but I'm so relieved to have seen something as with our mmc at a later date we saw just an empty sac.

In the pic below I think the main blob is the yolk sac and I think they said baby is a line st the top.

Thank you all for your support over the last week it's much appreciated and I will do my best to relax now xxx

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So glad to see this! Have been thinking of you. Will be keeping it all crossed xx

So glad to see this! ❤️

Lovely news. Rest up now and try stop worrying 💗🤗😘

Yayyyyy amazing news..... rest as much as you can.....take things easy now lovely xxxx

Woohoo brilliant news missus, try relax now everything is looking great and I wouldn't worry about the mesaurments I was classified as 6 +1 and measured 5+5 which they said was normal xx

Fantastic news!

And what a lovely update it is! ❤️ Great news. Hope you can have a nice relaxing weekend xx

Great news! Try and take it easy xx

Great news! Congratulations...now relax! X

Really pleased for you that all looks well!x

Brilliant news xxx

Lovely news! X

Yay amazing news!! So pleased for you. Now rest up and take it easy xx

Waiting on this happy post!!! So relieved for u xx

Great! There you go! Take it easy and try not to stress anymore x

Aww... so pleased for you! 💕 xx

Fabulous! Chuffed to bits for you!!xx

Glad to hear it, hopefully you can feel a little more relaxed now - easier said than done! Great result 😊 xxx

Aw fantastic this is wonderful to see! Our scan at 6 weeks was very similar, baby looked like a diamond on a ring, just flickering away. When do you have your scan at your clinic? Xxx

Aaw that's nice to hear mines not the only one that doesn't resemble a baby yet 😂

Clinic scan is 27th

You won’t believe how much will change in that time, ours had started to form limb buds and could see the heart more clearly and even the brain starting to develop.... look after yourself lovely xxxx

💖 the best news! This is wonderful to see xx

Lovely news! 🙂 xxx

Thank you all - definitely feeling more relaxed and happy now. Will try and relax now and I've decided to try and not look at the paper when I wipe anymore as if it's anything to worry about it'll be in my knickers/pad so just need to save my sanity xx

This is just great news! Delighted for you. Rest plenty. Xo

Fantastic news! You'll hear that little heart beat at 7 weeks. Hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy💖xx

so happy to read this! :D

Congratulations that is amazing news to hear xx

Congratulations glad it all went well for you xxx

That’s really good news. I’m sure it can’t be easy to relax with all the bleeding you’ve been having but hopefully this gives you some reassurance x

Oh fantastic news. Yeah xx

Ah that's brilliant news! Put your feet up & chill 😊 xxx

Amazing news! Was thinking of you yesterday and waiting for your update. Was that an abdominal scan? Your clinic may well do an internal one at your 7 week so you'll see baby, and heartbeat, a lot more clearly xx

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It was an internal one x

Congratulations it's good to hear something positive on here xx

Yey!!!!! X

Thank you everyone for your kind words and support. Trying to rest as much as possible but I do photography and had a cake smash shoot today, have a newborn shoot Monday and another cake smash shoot Tuesday before heading back to my desk job weds, thurs and fri! Lots of naps will be had this week 😂

Lovely news. X

Looks positive! Keeping everything crossed for you, good luck! 💕👍🏻🍀🤞🏼

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