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Starting treatment again- surgery success

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Good morning to all my infertility friends... So I had the 2nd operation to remove the septate from my womb 28days ago. They put 2 coils in my womb, which are being removed today πŸ˜ƒ. I also finish my course of HRT, so will be just waiting for my period to commence, never really looked forward to it as much this month. This is 3 years down the line of trying for our first baby! I have been prescribed tamoxifen, as a year ago I had an allergic reaction to clomid. ( I don't ovulate). So with my womb fixed I can now actually believe it may happen, just keeping my fingers crossed that this new drug works for me. I did ovulate on clomid but my face blistered, I ended up stopping the drug after 3 rounds. I'm looking at giving acupuncture a go... Do you think this is worth while, when is the best part of the month to do it? Obviously I want to give it my best shot. I hope this gives some hope for anyone having septum surgery. Big hugs to all of you.x

2 Replies

That's fab. Glad to hear it went well. I went for acupuncture while we were ttc naturally and also during IVF. I have no idea whether it helped us get our bfp but I enjoyed it and it helped me to relax so I would recommend it on that basis alone. It's supposed to be good at settling everything down after Egg Collection during IVF as you can be quite bruised and swollen so I imagine it may have the same benefits following your own surgery. The acupuncturist can advise when to go in your cycle. Just make sure the person you see is registered and preferably someone who specialises in fertility acupuncture.

Good luck! x


Hi KeeKee21. Well you've waited a long time to get to now, so let's hope that now you've had your septum fixed, you will soon be on your way to getting pregnant with the help of Tamoxifen. I agree with what Hopeful1982 has advised re re acupuncture, as helping you relax can only be good. Do take note about being registered and preferably specialising in fertility matters, so that you get the best advice. HUGE luck with it all. Diane

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