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Fluid on uterus lining

Had my last scan before scheduled egg collection on Monday. All looking good so ovitrelle tonight and then watch and wait. The only thing the nurse has said is that the lining of my uterus has a small amount of fluid which may be absorbed by the body, however if it doesn't we may need to have embryos frozen once my body has recovered and the fluid could wash embryos away during implantation. Has anybody experienced this and roughly how long do I expect to wait?

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Hi BecciD. Oh this is annoying for you. It is widely thought that any excess fluid in the womb could prevent implantation of a developing embryo, so if present, often a cycle is abandoned. Sometimes women with this have an issue with blocked Fallopian tubes, where excess lubrication in the tubes tracks back down into the womb as it can’t get out through the “open” end. Sometimes the fluid can be caused by some infection - you will have to wait and see. On a positive note, small amounts can get re absorbed and cause no further problem, so fingers crossed! Diane


I'm so happy, although a little uncomfortable as no fluid was visible today on egg collection. With 10 eggs retrieved. The surgeon said he would like us to press on with the egg transfer all being well. Words can't explain how relieved I feel as although waiting was my only option I felt disappointed this opportunity was slipping through my fingers. I undoubtedly know there is still many more hurdles before we reach our destination but today gave me a little ray of hope. 😊


Hi BecciD. Great news for you both. No fluid visible, so you are good to go. Good luck with the transfer and for the dreaded wait! Diane

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