First injection done

Evening ladies

So 1 hour ago I did my first ever injection and it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!! Super excited about this now!!! Just wish work was a more understanding boss was refusing my collection off as been told to look at the end of march for EC hopefully that will get sorted!!! Onwards and upwards my life comes first 😊😊xx

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  • Well done and good luck on your journey xx

  • I found the injections ok once I'd started them, the thought of them was worse! The whole process so far hasn't been as bad as I'd expected, 2ww has to be the worst part so far!

    Best of luck to you! Xxx

  • Well done! It gets easier so you've got the hard one out the way! Xx

  • Yep definitely wasn't as bad as I thought It would be good luck with collection xx

  • Ah you make me feel better - I start on Monday and have been dreading it! And yes, your life does come first! Good luck 😊 Xx

  • I was dreading it totally dreading it but I actually managed to do it straight away no hesitation and honestly didn't even hurt to be honest good luck for Monday what meds you taking ??x

  • Buserelin to start. It's just so odd to have all the drugs sat there in the fridge waiting for me. I had to put them in the fruit drawer at the bottom so I wasn't confronted with them every time I make a brew - ha! I'm going to get my husband to do the first injections. I'm such a wimp about it! Xx

  • I was going to get hubby to do mine but I did it myself and would actually give it to myself now I've done it and it really wasn't bad at all. I surprised myself last night was day 2 hubby was on late so I had to do it myself and really isn't so bad. Good luck you'll be fine xx

  • This is good to hear, im

    Starting mine in a couple of weeks and feeling nervous after looking at all the boxes/needles

  • I just did it and it was totally fine - couldn't actually feel it. Woo! X

  • Great news told you it was not so bad I'm on day 6 of injections today I feel like a pro at it now 😊just part of daily life now xx

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