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2ww 😩😩

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The 2ww is killing me! I had a 5dt this time last week. OTD is Friday. I made a mistake of testing 5dp5dt as I had seen so many people getting positives at the time and mine came up negative, not even a slight line on first response. I got myself into a right state and had to leave work early so I haven't done one since then. I have been having cramps on and off since the day after the transfer along with lower back pain and I have had such a bad break out!!! My boobs aren't sore anymore (they were after the trigger shot) and I feel like AF is about to show up πŸ˜“ I keep having to go to the toilet to check. This morning I had a sharp pinching pain when I was in the shower which lasted about a minute followed by cramps again. Everything is pointing me towards a negative result. Has anyone experienced the above but had a BFP?! Xx

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Hi, I feel your pain!! My OTD is Friday tooπŸ˜ƒ I've read so many stories from women who were convinced that their symptoms were their period coming and they ended up getting BFP so don't give up hope πŸ’–

I've had symptoms that could be af and some that could be BFP, don't worry that you got BFN it might just be too early.

I'm tempted to test tomorrow morning but then my DH keeps saying theres a reason that we have an OTD as that's when we'll get an accurate result.

Hope you're ok, roll on Friday for both of us haha xx

lianm8 in reply to JoJo_1984

It's horrible isn't it?! I'm trying to be positive, it's so hard though!! Have you not done a test yet then? I think in my head surely if I do one tomorrow that it will show as positive but all my family are saying exactly the same as your DH - there is a reason the test day is Friday. It's a difficult one, I am going to hold out until Friday- I don't think my DH will let me after Monday anyway!! What symptoms have you had?

Good luck for Friday lets hope we both get positives πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ Xx

JoJo_1984 in reply to lianm8

This second week is like torture, I've been trying to keep busy because otherwise I google everything and go crazy!!

I've not done a test yet but I'm really tempted, my clinic does a blood test so it means waiting until about 4pm for the result on Friday πŸ˜• does yours do blood test?

I've had fatigue like having 11 hours sleep, then last friday i felt like I was getting flu like i couldnt get warm. I've got a cold now (which i read was a good sign as your body drops immune system so the embryo doesnt reject but now I'm thinking just a cold lol), had stabbing twinge the other night, had period style cramps and dizziness. So basically I've either just got a cold and loads of pessary side effects or I'm pregnant haha.

Have you had any other symptoms?

Yes we need positive vibes πŸ’–xx

lianm8 in reply to JoJo_1984

Google is the worst I'm searching everything!!! 😩😩Yes mine does blood test too so I assume the results won't be until very late in the afternoon on Friday.

I haven't had any cold like symptoms- just had cramping on and off since transfer basically. I have been super tired getting into bed at like 9 but then waking up at 5am and not going back to sleep. Pinching this morning in my tummy. Every single cramp or twinge I'm reading into!!! I suppose nothing I can do until Friday!! I'm not feeling very positive though. Is this your first round? Xx

JoJo_1984 in reply to lianm8

I think every sign or symptom can be read either way but it doesnt mean our minds don't still think too much into everything!!

This is our second cycle, 1st time we only had 1 6 cell (day 3), this time we had 2 (day 3) embryos transferred so hoping our chances are a little better. Is this your first go? Did they freeze any? I think if this one doesn't work we will have a break and try again after our holiday in May.

Just hate how IVF/ICSI is all consuming feel like I dont have control, it will all be worth it though for a BFP πŸ˜ƒxx

lianm8 in reply to JoJo_1984

Yes this is our first go and we managed to get 4 frozen which I was happy about. Fingers crossed for you with your two! It's very emotional, unless you have gone through it you cannot understand how much it can affect you! Roll on Friday 😁😁 xx

JoJo_1984 in reply to lianm8

That's great that you have plenty frozen too πŸ‘ not long to wait now I might try to be good and not test tomorrow!xx

lianm8 in reply to JoJo_1984

And you! Let me know how you get on πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»


Sounds like you've got yourself into a right panic! I always say that if you were guaranteed an accurate result before your OTD then there wouldn't be a 2ww (unless someone was just playing a really cruel joke!).

I had lots of cramping during my 2ww and still got a BFP. Your ovaries (and insides generally) are likely to be quite swollen and bruised so this may explain why you feel this way.

Good luck for Friday! x

lianm8 in reply to Hopeful1982

Thank you for your message. I think I knew it was early deep down but you see others getting positive results that early so I thought it would be for me! I am holding out till Friday now. It's good to hear others who have had cramping and got BFP I suppose every woman is different.

Congratulations on your BFP ❀️❀️


Hi, lianm8! Do not make haste decisions. I believe this is too early to do the test. Let it be Fr as it is supposed to be.

You should understand that transferring is some sort of invasion to your organizm. And women do have different reactions to it. Probably for you these are cramps and anxiouty. But there is nothing to do about it now, you should just wait and do everything you're said to do by your doc.

Do not get suppressed by negative thoughts that much, hope for better. Less then 3 years ago I was experiencing such a thing. For the first cycle it was pure negative unfortunately. But in my second round the situation was the same but I got my BFP !! So each situation differs for women.

I'll be praying for you get positive in 2 days. God bless you xx

lianm8 in reply to Marmo

Thank you Marmo I am defo waiting until Friday to receive a true result. Hopefully it's a BFP I still have hope 😊 Congratulations on your BFP!!! That's lovely news xxx

Progesterone causes this cramping and similar symptoms to periods. The symptoms prior to pregnancy and periods are pretty much the same so absolutely no point in symptom watching at this point. You will feel pregnancy symptoms at 7-8 weeks. Also, when you do test make sure its first thing in the morning and not any later as the hormone is lost concentrated then. I tested early at 9days after blasto transfer but not before. This equates to 4 weeks pregnant when a hpt starts picking up the hormone. The clinic does give you a test date for a reason!

lianm8 in reply to Tlove

Thanks tlove. The test I did was FMU but it hopefully was just too early! I am holding out not to OTD on Friday now. I didn't know progesterone gave you cramping so that is good to know, thank you. X

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