Hi Everyone,

I believe it is awful how some people can have 2 rounds of ivf nhs funded but some can only have 1 round just because of their postcode! Infertility is a major heart breaking problem and we know that so I feel we should all be treated equally and infertility taken seriously by government! If you agree could you please sign my petition I just created it thanks!

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  • I agree!

  • How bizarre I was thinking of doing the same after writing to parliament over the weekend so bestest of luck! We have no ivf funding at all here so I couldn't agree more there is no equality in this matter which seems like dinosaur times to us! Also after appearing on bbc inside and out we discovered different clinics charged different money across the uk to the nhs for a cycle! Good luck Sam xxx

  • And some get none!!! I agree it's unfair.

  • Even though I'm a lucky one with 3 tries (got in at right time) I feel it's so unfair for other and I have signed and will be asking others for u as well! Xx

  • I totally agree and have gladly signed. I will share once I get the link too. I do worry though that only those of us that know what going through fertility problems and ivf cycles really understand how important this is.

  • I completely agree. What's worse at our appointment the consultant told us we get 3 attempts. Then about 4 months later the second consultant told us we get 1 fresh and 1 frozen cycle. I was a bit shocked and he looked at the paperwork and said the previous consultant didn't look at your postcode properly. He carried on talking like nothing was wrong and I started crying, just from the shock. He looked at me and said 'it's not my fault', that was it.

    So now I'm on the fresh cycle and we have no frozen so if it doesn't work we'll have to fund it ourselves.

  • I'm definitely in support. We got no funding due to fsh levels. This is none evidence based and we would have got funding if we lived elsewhere x

  • I just tried to sign and it said to try again in a few days so will check again then as I completely agree!!! Xx

  • I totally agree, everyone should get 3 chances for free on the NHS. I'll sign when the petitions back up 😃xx

  • I cant understand why it isnt letting you sign the petition is on my facebook and appears as a proper petition not just a link if you want to sign please add me elizabeth chinn thank you all i just had an email saying the petition has now got more than 14 signatures so once they have reviewed it, it should then go live!!! Good Luck to you all on your journeys sorry about the rubbish link!

  • I have to fund myself even though I can't afford it, I'm 38, because my husband has a daughter from 21 years ago. I've never had any support or advice from NHS and they take forever to even do a referral. I'm signing your petition as I support all of us ladies who can't even get one free go whatever our circumstances.

  • it's disgusting honey but the link is not letting you sign and i dont know why? it is letting facebook friends sign so if you want to sign please add me elizabeth chinn and you will see it on timeline sorry the link is not working honey xxx

  • Hi Liz

    I will be happy to when it's up :-)

    The whole thing is ridiculous. We gave up as my partner had a vasectomy 20 years ago when he was with his previous partner so we were ruled out straight away. There are many many things that don't make sense about fertility treatment in the UK.

    Best of luck with the petition x

  • I agree 100%

  • I'm really pleased you have started a petition. I think it's really unfair on us only having 1 chance of ivf just because of our postcode. Everyone should get at least get 2 chances. I only had I NHS funded which im really greatfull for but unfortunately it didn't work for me. At least if we all had at least 2 chances they can adapt the second go from what they have learnt went wrong on the first attempt. I've gladly signed

  • Thank you honey...people have had probs signing the petition needs checking before it gets published they have said this cannot take more than 1 week but i have put it on my facebook my name is elizabeth chinn if you want to add me and view it but i have made the petition public so you dont have to add me you can just do a search for me and the petition should come up in full! i know its very very unfair! i am currently on my 2ww and if this doesnt work as i only had 1 egg fertilised and cant afford the horrendous cost that will be the end of the road for me!People have had gastric bands and plastic surgery on the nhs i dont see why ivf is any different it is so so unfair!!! I really feel for you sweetie it's so frustrating! But i feel that if we all get together someone in that government has to listen to us! I wish a mp could read some of the heartbreaking stories concerning failed ivf treatment and just try to understand! xxxxxxxxxx

  • I totaly agree it is unfair,my Best Friend and i are both going through ivf together,even tho we only live 30 mins away from each other,she only gets 2 rounds as were as i get 3 all because of a post code, i do not agree at all with this,we are all longing to be parents the same and going through the same heart ache so we should all be treated totaly the same.i was so heart broken to hear she was only offered 2 rounds because of this post code.she was told 1 fresh and 1 frozen she was allowed on the bases that she has eggs to freeze the first time..which is so unfair.. ive signed hun x

  • 👍 I will sign it xx

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