Birth announcement

Birth announcement

Hi all, just thought i would take a moment to announce the birth of my little boy...he was born 2 weeks ago naturally on 8/10/16 12 days early, the main reason for my announcement is to give everyone still on the infertility rollercoaster a bit of hope that it can work...our son came from a first attempt at icsi that we started september 2015, we had egg collection october 28th 2015 but because of ohss had to abandon a fresh transfer and wait 3 months for a FET which took place feb 1st 2016... At first i was upset we'd have to wait even longer but now im glad we were advised to do so or our little miracle may not have been here today. This forum helped me get though the whole journey and it was stories like mine today that gave me the determination to fight infertility and i can only hope my post will give someone else the same strength i was given, wishing you all the very best of luck x

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  • Huge congratulations your little boy is adorable. Enjoy being a mummy xx

  • Many congratulations. Baby is adroable. X

  • What a lovely post. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boy xxx

  • wow....what a lovely baby n grt news...congratulations n welcome the little boy.....glad to c u....

  • Hey he's gorgeous, well done, great to hear from you and know all is super xx

  • Yay yay good news๐Ÿ˜€thanks so much for sharing as this really does give me hope. He is gorgeous well done you xxx

  • Congrtaluations, beautiful little boy xx

  • Amazing! I was thinking you were due soon, such lovely news.

    It's so nice to hear of happy endings, enjoy settling in as a new family xxx

  • Congratulations! He's adorable!! I read a past post of yours today and you have given me hope :) xxx

  • SOoooo cute!!

    Congrats x

  • Congratulations, he is beautiful Xx

  • Congratulations xxx

  • This is brilliant. He is adorable. Congratulations darling xxx

  • Congratulations he's soooo cute enjoy every moment.

  • Congratulations he is beautiful xxxx

  • Ma sha Allah.your baby is so cute.sending blessing

    For him.

  • Awwww many many many congrats hope, I'm so so happy fur you, we are going through out Finao treatment now. Medication has started. EC possiably in late November, this is wonderful wonderful news, he's so cute. We're going through ICSI too.

    Wishing you a the best for the future.

  • Congratulations he is gorgeous . This forum was definitely a great help to me . I'm now 6 months pregnant due 8th Feb 2017 , first go at ivf . We decided not to find out the sex . ( but I think it's a boy) enjoy every moment . Xxxxx

  • Such a gorgeous little baby. I'm so happy for you all xx๐Ÿ’•

  • Congratulations! Lovely positive news xxx

  • Congratulations, soo happy for you - he's gorgeous!! xx

  • Ahhhh congratulations, gorgeous picture!!xx

  • Yay, he's gorgeous, congratulations! X

  • He is adorable. Congratulations! X

  • Lovely news x seen your posts and we defo need more stories like this xxx

  • Congratulations! Such a beautiful baby. XXXX

  • Hi Hope_faith. Oh my goodness! What a handsome little chap! Well done to both of you, and just make sure you take lots of photos, because he won't stay like that for long! Diane

  • Congratulations Hun my little boy was born 22nd Oct by c section as my cervix wouldn't dilate after 3 days of trying. Enjoy mother hood I no I am after thinking I'd never become a mommy xx

  • oh hi!! i was wondering when i wrote this post how you was getting on...congrats to you too, how is ur little one doing now? asif ive not been on here for 3 months and than decided to browse today because its been a year today since my FET and ive seen a reply from you๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Congratulations, he's beautiful ๐Ÿ˜Š Xx

  • Awesome news, awww so cute, what a beautiful blessing. Many many congrats, it's been all worthwhile I'm sure. So so pleased. The wife is now heading into the last few days of here dreaded 2ww, it's not he too bad actually, trying to he as normal as possiable.

    I wish you all the very very very best for the journey into motherhood hope.

  • thank you very much sanj76, i have everything crossed that you get ur bfp x

  • Congratulation Hun xx

  • Best thing I've read this year so far. Enjoy every minute ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’™

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