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Does anyone have and advice to help me put together a Petition together!

My Partner and I were told that we do not qualify for IVF as my partner has two children from a previous relationship. The children do not live with us and my partner only sees his children once every other month.

I have a diagnosed infertility so we now it is me with the problem. The specialist said that IVF would word with my infertility problem which is what is getting me down the most. Some days I just have to cry but my partner is very supportive.

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  • Hi my GP is handling my appeal for another cycle of IVF. have you discussed this with your doctor maybe they can help. Good luck.

  • Seen two doctors and both say they can't do anything which is why I need help with the petition. Thanks for the good luck I'm in need of it.

  • My GP said she didn't rate our chances of winning an appeal. We were promised 3 cycles of IVF funded on the NHS, now they're arguing whether the cycles of IUI we had in 2012 count as an IVF cycle. I'd be none the wiser about this if I hadn't chased our clinic appointment.

  • Infirtility UK have base letters you can use and lots of info I am currently on the same path .so good luck .

  • Good luck yourself

  • Hi tanya,

    There is a website called change.org where you can put up petitions online. Get enough signatures and you should be ok. I can help set up if you like and I'll get all my family and friends to sign and you can do the same. Pm me if you'd like my help, would love to be of assisstance :)

    Good luck either way,

    Leya xx

  • That would be excellent and I would love your assistance. Here is my e-mail address tanya.vincent181@gmail.com

  • Cool, e-mailing you now hun :) x

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