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Hi there

I am taking the bog standard 400mcg folic acid from my GP and as advised from my consultant! But I have recently bought Vitamin D, DHEA capsules and a vitamin B supplement aswell as a multivitamin! I just noticed that the multivitamin and the Vitamin B tablet both have 200mcg of folic acid in them! It might be obvious, but should I ditch the Folic Acid from my GP if I am getting the 400mcg in the other supplements? I don't want to end up taking too many when I am trying to do good.....

Any advice will be appreciated 😊 Xx

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  • It's entirely up to you you can't overdose on folic acid. I took 400 from the doc and also took pregnacare too x

  • Ah thank you, I think i would definitely prefer to take the proper folic acid from the doctors and then just take the vitamins too! I didn't want to end up taking too large of a dose for pre-pregnancy 😊 X

  • Don't worry, I've been on 5mg of folic acid for a year before getting pregnant, along with the Pregnacare. You can't overdose and it's just as good for you as it is for baby.

  • One other thing - make sure the multivitamin is prenatal and doesn't have any vitamin A in it.

  • Oh I didn't know about Vitamin A....I'm taking just a general multivitamin so it probably does have vitamin A. What's the reason for not having it? I will get a different one today! Thank you :-)

  • Vitamin A isn't good for baby, you should also avoid liver and pate for the same reason. I think it causes birth defects -

    Carrots also have vitamin A but its in a different form to meats so they're OK to eat. I guess you're fine as you're not quite at that stage but maybe best to start now. Pregnacare do a prenatal conception vitamin, it has everything you need so you shouldn't need to take vitamin B or D separately.

  • Thank you for that info it helps a lot. I just want to make sure I am doing the very best to prepare my body for the IVF :-)

  • Hi. Can I ask if DHEA is available in the UK? Thanks

  • Hi Hun, yes it is available here. I take a DHA supplement from Zita West. I get them on Amazon :-)

  • Hi,

    I've read somewhere that mothers that take excessive amounts of folic acid during pregnancy may predispose their daughters to diabetes and obesity later in life. I don't know whether it makes sense but I believe that too much of it is really harmful. Here is a piece of info on the point.

    "An adequate intake of folic acid is essential to reduce the risk of babies suffering from neural tube defects such as spina bifida, particularly during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. The World Health Organisation recommends that healthy pregnant women take 0.4 mg of folic acid per day. Women with a family history of neural tube defects are recommended to take ten times this amount, for which 5 mg folic acid pills are widely available.

    However, few studies have looked at the safe upper limit of folic acid intake, even though pregnant women around the world are consuming increasingly high amounts of folic acid thanks to food fortification policies and widely available supplements and multivitamins."

    Probably you'd better clarify things with your doc. Good luck, hugs x

  • Thank you, I will probably take out the multivitamin as someone else says jag Vitamin K is not good either and that's in the multivitamin I am taking. My work colleague who is a pharmacist said that Vitamin D and a Vitamin B is good along with the folic acid. I am getting plenty of vitamins in my diet so I think I will ditch the multivit! :-) Thank you for your reply. Lots of hugs to you too x

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