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Things have been pretty crazy the last few days. At my app on Monday I had my gonal F dose put up again then today I took my period, still on the spray so I'm confused again as to how the spray works cuz I thought it stopped them?? :/ I have rang my fertility clinic who have said I may need to stop but need to speak with the consultant. Not even sure what stopping means because until I hear back from them I have to continue with the spray and injections. Finding this all so confusing, mentally and emotionally draining. Even they don't seem to understand, I go for scans every 2/3 days and 1 day the eggs and lining are making progress then the next they aren't. Having a good cry feels like it could help right about now ;-(

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Awwww lady....

You go have that cry then get on the phone and tell them your are stressed out what does all this mean and why is it happening, don't let them

Fob you off (I have done many times) and tell you rubbish.

This journey isn't easy honey it takes everything you have and a little more


Rach_87 in reply to Hidden

It seems the more I ask the less I am told, it took my ages to figure it all out and now I feel like I know nothing. After posting I got a phone call to ask could I come in tomorrow for tests and I asked what for and I was just told 'the consultant wants some bloods but continue your treatment as normal until we get the results' that didn't answer my question. My husband and I will not be leaving until we have some answers. Thank you for your lovely reply. It is definitely the hardest journey i have ever been on.


Poor thing Rach! This is so bad you even suspect they don't know the reason for what is going on with you. Seems rather unprofessional.. And really I don't understand how it can be one day - everything is just OK, another day - awfully bad. If your eggs and lining are improving this can't stop the next day just out of the blue!! I would not trust them much being in your shoes.. Did you think of changing the expert??

All soothing words for you x

Hi Marmo, I know my husband and I are not happy at all, I had an appointment this morning to get tests done (get the results tomorrow) they have told me that they don't understand because my consultant expected good and quick response from the first cycle. They also said it could possibly be my hormone levels and may need to change treatment, I do feel abit better about the situation but I'm so sad they made a mistake which led to my first cycle failing. I hope when I get my results tomorrow something will be done and soon and can start the 2nd treatment. Time to start feeling positive again :-) thank you so very much for your reply and I hope you are well xx

Hepzibah in reply to Rach_87

I have never been happy with any clinic. The information given out is sub-standard and disappointing. Questions asked are dismissed. It's all business and ego, they know best, of course. What the clinics need to get a grip of, is that their little mistakes and non-information procedures induces stress... I have suffered immense feelings of depression following bad practice at clinic. Do they not realise that stress is a major factor in [in]fertility??? They don't care, it's all money, money, money. And do they ever apologise??? OK, rant over. Good luck for next time, and don't give up on curiousity, Rach_87. Ciao, ciao, H.

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