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Why do I do this to myself πŸ˜‚

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So I'm 14dp trigger shot and about 12dpo, I wasn't going to test as since Monday I've been having cramps on and off so thought AF was coming and I just don't 'feel pregnant. So ad I was on my way to bed this evening I decided on a whim (rookie mustskw) to take a test. Anyway there is a rather faint line but I see it. Now o need to wait a few days to double check and make sure it's not a chemical. Have any of you experienced on and off again cramps in lower stomach/groin and lower back at about 1 -2 weeks pregnant? I know cramping can happen but can't find anything about having them in lower back other than early miscarriage or AF arriving.

Thanks ladies

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Symptoms are all too similar between af and early pregnancy. Last thing at night pee is not the strongest. I would try again in the morning with your first pee. So you are 7 days past 5 day transfer. I would say that could be a congratulations but I am not sure when the trigger shot leaves your system.

Try again in the morning and see if the line is stronger.

A cautious congratulations to you for now though xx😁

bms12 in reply to Camillage

No I don't have ivf, I have ovulation induction with gonal F and timed intercourse as my issue lies with not ovulating and I'm also high risk of ohss due to pcos so so I only have 5000iu of the trigger rather than the normal 10000iu. No had a negative test on 12dp trigger shot do I'm pretty confident that is out of my system.

Thank you, I've barely managed to sleep haha but I will retest with fmu x

Hi bms12, congratulations. The symptoms you are experiencing are normal and can also be enhanced from the progesterone. Try not too worry and retest on your otd xx

Trigger shot will be long gone - can take up to 10 days to leave system so 14 days later and hCG is all you! Congratulations πŸ€—

I had my BFP at 12 DPO too... I had cramping (pangs and a general period like feeling) on 9-10, then very pronounced cramps 11 DPO. However I’m now 20 DPO & so far so good! So I think the cramping is normal. Good luck!! Xx

bms12 in reply to Wishfully

Oh good, it's was the cramping that bothering me, I know some are normal but had them 5 days now xx

Congratulations!! I’ve tested the trigger out of my system and with me it takes 12 days but by then it’s v v faint! I had my bfp at 5 days post 5 day blasto transfer, only symptom was v slightly achy boobs but off and on, nothing else. First hcg bloods were on day 13 post transfer and over 1000 πŸ™πŸΌ Second bloods today 🀞🏼. Good luck!! X

bms12 in reply to Abbie40

Hey thank you, I only have a half dose of the trigger shot as I'm having ovulation induction with due to PCOS and because I'm high risk of ohss. So I know the trigger was out by day 10 so it looks like a good sign! Xx

Forgot to say cramping is v normal! My sister and friends had this v early on and a few months into pregnancy. Don’t worry! All normal and a good sign x

Those hormones and drugs... the symptoms are crazy! You’ll need to do a morning test... big luck lady! xx

bms12 in reply to emu2016

I've lost the plot I swear haha. Yes I'm going to retest this AM if I can go! O can't go when I'm nervous haha

emu2016 in reply to bms12

Typical! Let us know how you do. X

bms12 in reply to emu2016

Update - went and got a first response and it is definitely positive! And that was after only 4 hours urine. So will be even darker with fmu x

Hidden in reply to bms12

congratulations! x

bms12 in reply to Hidden

Thank you! I don't believe it yet. Got a scan booked for the 5th of may! Seems far too soon though!

Test is still super faint this morning but at least it's still there. I'll have to wait I think and see what happens x

Good luck!

bms12 in reply to KEndo16

Thank you xx

Good luck xx

bms12 in reply to Paris1-1

Thank you xx

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