Why is it still so hard 😒

Sorry for the sad post, haven't wrote on here for awhile since my bnf in December. Been trying to think positive and get myself sorted before we go for round 2 but a few people I know have had or are expecting babies and I'm still finding it very difficult and struggling to keep positive, I'm comfort eating which is not helping as need to lose weight, I just don't know what to do, help 😒😒 xx

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  • It's tough. IVF is one of the cruelest things. Not only is going through it hard but all the added pressure of health and finances just makes it harder.

    Try not to be tough on yourself. Doesn't seem too long ago since I was crying a lot for fear of second attempt not working. I'd given up before we started. Now I'm ready. But a few lbs heavy! :/ x

  • Hi it is really hard the hardest thing I have ever done I had a bfn recently after my second round still trying to get my head around it concentrate on yourself try swimming I swam every day I lost five stone swimming and my first round got my daughter after loosing all the weight be strong take control and your dreams will come true xxx try the book it starts with the egg it's really good tells you How To get stronger eggs before they are collected xxxx

  • Just wanted to say it's ok to let yourself feel sad and although your friends and family members who are getting pregnant won't fully understand, try talking to them and explaining how hard you find it. I remember not being able to see my friends when they were expecting because I wanted it so much for myself and felt so envious. I found having reflexology very helpful, it was wonderfully relaxing and it made me feel I was doing something positive to help get myself ready for the tough IVF journey. I hope your dreams come true soon x

  • Thankyou all so much, just hard isn't it when you really want it so bad yourself. I'm just going to try and think positive now and hopefully it will be my time and all of our time soon xx

  • I think we have all had some very low days during this process, and after 3 cycles, all bfn's, I have felt the same as you. I have learnt to accept the low days, having a good cry when needed and accepted the mix of emotions I feel when others announce pregnancy, avoiding situations that are just too hard. Be kind to yourself and how you are feeling, and positivity will return with time. Xx

  • CHapter 1

    NEver give up!

  • Hello 😊 I understand your feelings completely. Most of my friends have now had their children, however this has all been in the last few years. Some struggled and some didn't. I found myself more drawn to the ones who had struggled as we had spoken about our struggles together and they understood even if just a little bit how I felt. I've always told them all to be honest with me and for me to not be the last to know as I found that hurt far more then actually knowing. Over time I've adapted pretty well, it no longer effects me the same and I'm quite comfortable with it all now and fully prepared for the 8months and more of baby talk to follow. That's the easy bit really, it then all changes once the babies arrive as slowly you see less and less of them as they start their new lives with new mums. You realise then who your real true friends are as they still want to see you, mainly because they still want normality in their lives. Lots of my close friends have drifted for this reason as their weekends are then naturally about doing baby things with other mums. This is what upset me most as I felt like I was missing out on being a mum and losing a friend all at the same time. Obviously this week it hit be hard that my SIL was pregnant but more because I'm in the 2ww, not really for any other reason then just that sigh of it's not me again, but I know what ever happens she will always be there and is someone I am so close too, so in my situation I've learnt that blood is thicker than water and make time for my friends who are the ones that genuinely want to see me. Sending you a big hug. It's not easy at all but survival is not of the fittest but the most adaptable to change! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘xx

  • Oh bless u Hun!! I've got the comfort eating bloat to so completely get it!! It's very hard when it seems to come easy to others to get their dreams.we have to have faith that our time will come xxx

  • Sending love to you Janer. Be kind to yourself, this whole thing is hard enough without beating ourselves up. Regarding the comfort eating, my guess is it's not offering much comfort anymore. Do whatever you need to do to distract yourself and get back on track. Take care of yourself lovely x x x

  • Thankyou, it's hard this journey isn't it, my partner struggling too. Thankfully I've got the week off work and trying to do positive things. Hope your ok xx

  • I hear ya Mrs..all I want to do is eat and drink wine 🍷it just all seems so unfair however you got to balance out what is worth beating yourself up over and what is not.there are woman that do everything by the book in terms of diet and exercise in life that struggle to fall pregnant through Ivf and those that are less careful and fall pregnant. Watch your mental health first as a priority and look after that first. Sending you a big hug xxx

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