Scratch, glue or both?

Hi lovely ladies I wonder if anyone can advice me? I'm just about to start my FET and I have the option of having the scratch and the embryo glue. I know both are relatively new procedures so was wondering if anyone has any success stories or words of wisdom?

At first I was temped to try both (got to try everything right!) but after seeking advice from a nutritionalist about eating right, she talked a lot about the negative effectes antibiotics have on your body. Now I'm concerned if I have the scratch half way through and have to have antibiotics it will not be good for my body 😳

Sorry for the long rambling post, I hope you ladies know more about this than I do! Thank you xx

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  • Hi Dausy Mae I had the glue and we got a BFP and I'm 8 weeks in Thursday! The scratch we were told is only really done if it's not your first attempt of IVF or you've had miscarriages in the past. So for us we were told it's a waste of money and that it's not a nice procedure to have..,,.good luck!xx

  • Thank you and Congratulations πŸ˜ƒ

  • I have had the glue my clinic use it as standard procedure x

  • I had the scratch about 6 weeks before my frozen transfer and I'm now 12 weeks x

  • Congratulations!! That's great news πŸ˜ƒ

  • Look up the news articles on the scratch, although a relatively new technique the results from studies are impressive. I'd say a nutritionalist is not necessarily an expert on these new ivf techniques so I'd look at the science and facts to decide what's best for you. I don't have any experience with the glue. But based on the studies for the scratch we went for this (and it worked after my last cycle failed) x

    Just to add we specifically requested the scratch. We were told it's normally only offered after three failed attempts. But my logic was why wait for three failed attempts, they are very stressful!

  • Hi!my clinic told me about it after one failed cycle. And anyway you pay for it I don't see if you want it done why they won't do it on you. Good luck!

  • Hello

    I can't comment on the scratch but my hospital used embryo glue and we got a BFP. I would ask the consultant whether their are any statistics/success rates around the scratch as that usually helps me with decision making.

    Good luck x

  • Thank you that's really good to know xx

  • I had both and it worked for me x

  • Congratulations! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • Hi Daisy-Mae, round 2 of if I had scratch and worked, sadly I miscarried at 8 weeks, I'm on round 3 and had scratch yesterday, it is not nice but only lasts 20-30 seconds... Reading all posts they both appear to work and different clinics promote different ones.... Good luck whatever you may choose xx

  • Hi Jaky76, I'm so very sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I'm keeping everything crossed for you and hope everything goes well for you. Xxx

  • Ah thanks so much- I wish you the same...Deep breath.... keep calm and fingers crossed xxx

  • Hi Daisy-Mae,

    I had both but not on the same cycle. Unfortunately none of my eggs fertilized when I had the scratch done. Cycle 3 I had the embryo glue and was successful, am now 24 weeks :-)

    Good luck


  • That's great news! Congratulations xx

  • Our clinic use embryo glue as their standard procedure.

    We paid to have the scratch as an extra with our funded FET cycle.

    The clinic did say they normally recommend it to people with two failed cycles..we'd had a miscarriage on our first cycle and then a BFN on the second cycle.

    We got another BFP with FET, but sadly miscarried again.

    Do what your heart and head tells you x

  • I am so sorry to hear about your losses. Thank you so much for replying xx

  • I had the scratch and got a BFP from our first attempt. Currently 18 weeks 😬 X

  • Congratulations πŸ˜ƒ xxx

  • Thank you so much ladies for all the help and advise. It sounds like both are very positive treatments and my heart is telling me to try everything. I was just a bit worried about the antibiotics and I'm slightly nervous about the scratch procedure but I know I can get through it!

    Lots of love to you all xxx

  • I had both Hun. I did cry after the scratch and had to push for the glu but so glad I did as it worked for me. I now have twins xx good luck xx

  • Wow that's amazing news! Congratulations πŸ˜ƒ. Fingers crossed I will have the same result!! Xxx

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